1 Regret the rejection

"You can't do this, Asher. At least explain to me what I did wrong." Seraphina begged with her voice filled with desperation as she rushed after Asher, a brown haired guy and her fiance.

"I owe you no explanation, Seraphina. I don't love you anymore. I still don't get why on earth I proposed to you in the first place." He grumbled with frustration clearly reflecting on his face as he walked down the stairs.

"So what are you insinuating now?" She asked with tears rolling down her cheeks, hurt and confused.

"I will clearly say it to you now. I am calling off our engagement, Seraphina."


In Duskborne, the sun had set, yet a symphony of cars filled the air as the night gradually progressed. There seems to be no difference between the activities of night and day at all.

In the western part of the city, a large expensive looking hotel and clubhouse stood with the large and fancy sign on top of it, reading "CLOUD 9 HOTEL".

Cars came in and went from the building and a few people stood at the driveway, conversing. A taxi pulled up, and Seraphina, along with her friend, Jenna, stepped out of the taxi.

Jenna looked at her friend from head to toe with an uncertain look. "Are you sure you want to do this babe?"

"Do I have a choice? I have no man to hold me back now and I need the money." Seraphina asked sarcastically before walking into the building with Jenna coming behind her. Although she was nervous, she had to do this anyway.

"You're here. Thank you for bringing her over on your night off, Jenna." Jenna's boss walked over to them with a bright smile. "I hope you can satisfy our men well for tonight Seraphina. Please pick a card there and head to the room on the card."

Seraphina took a deep breath and picked the first card she saw. "Room 619." She announced and Jenna's boss looked shocked.

"Are you sure you can satisfy him? Prince Lucian is the guest in that room and he can be quite demanding. If you serve him well, we will pay you additional." Jenna's boss whispered and Seraphina nodded in approval.


Lucian lounged on the VIP room balcony, twirling the glass of blood in his hand. His cold expression revealed not even a bit of his thoughts as he stared outside towards the bustling city.

A knock distracted him as he averted his gaze to see someone step into the room. His eyes were fixed on the door to see who would enter and as the main doors closed, an intoxicating scent filled his senses.

That scent coming from the other side was very tempting and his fangs elongated immediately but he pulled back when a lady stepped into the bedroom. Her beautiful ginger hair fell down her shoulders. He could already tell she was human and she looked very uncomfortable in the dress she was wearing.

"Who are you?" Lucian's words came out coldly, sending chills down Seraphina's spine. She couldn't believe she was actually standing in front of the prince of their city.

"I am here to serve you, my prince." She muttered nervously but he could hear her clearly.

Lucian looked back out before setting his glass down. "Strip." He commanded with an authoritative tone, his voice chilly.

Seraphina shut her eyes tightly as she reached for the lace holding her cloth together and she started loosening it. Lucian followed her every movement sharply which made her even more nervous when she noticed.

Her dress slowly slid to the floor, leaving her in her lingerie. As she made an attempt to pull that off, he stood up and strode towards her, grabbing her neck.

"Who are you?" He asked again and she swallowed hard with her eyes filled with tears, due to the pain of his grip on her neck. "Get out now."

Immediately he said that, Seraphina rushed out of the room, tears rolling down her eyes, blinding her sight. She muttered an apology as she bumped into someone.

Lucian just stood there, feeling her scent linger in the air. A frown settled on his lips as he picked up the handkerchief that had fallen out of her bag.

"I got your message, sir." A calm and masculine voice said from the other side of the door.

"That lady."

As soon as Seraphina got into the elevator, her heart raced and her breath shortened. She frantically searched through her purse, grabbing a container of pills and popping two of it into her mouth.

She staggered out of the elevator into the reception where she met Jenna waiting for her already.

"You must have impressed Prince Lucian. He asked them to pay you fully with an extra tip." Jenna said as she handed her the envelope given to her.

Seraphina looked taken aback. She didn't even do anything. She was barely in his room for five minutes.

"But what's going on exactly?" Jenna asked as they got into the taxi back to her house. "You didn't even give him anything or do anything to him and he paid you."

Seraphina touched the mark his nails had printed on her neck and it stung her. Maybe he was using the money to buy her silence.

Although she needed the money to take care of her father's bills in the hospital, she still couldn't even bring herself to sell her body for money in the first place.

She was about to back down before he thankfully sent her out and she was grateful for that. "Asher made a great mistake by calling off your engagement and not giving you a dime from your business. You should sue him."

"It's been weeks, Jenna. He can take it all."

Seraphina's phone beeped and she looked down to see an acceptance email. "No way. DGE just accepted me and I'm to start work tomorrow." Seraphina squealed and Jenna hugged her in excitement.

"But you will be working in the same company as Asher now." Jenna reminded her making Seraphina go silent for a while.

"I don't care. This is my dream job and besides, I don't have to see him for weeks. He's on leave." Seraphina had been expecting the acceptance for weeks now. She was starting to lose hope since her father, the only family she had now, was in the hospital, in grave health and she needed money for his treatment.

Seraphina grew up with her father, her mother died while she was still young, giving her a very special locket she always wore around her neck.

"Have you told your father about you and Asher?" She asked Seraphina.

"No I don't want to. I'm done with this whole relationship thing."

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