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Read MY UNRIVALED BLOODLINES novel written by the author De_Prodigy on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, adventure, magic, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Born with an unrivaled tribrid bloodlines inherited from her witch mother and human father, Evelyn stands at the crossroads of light and darkness. She holds the key to both the salvation and annihilation of Zitherland. However, her bloodline powers were sealed from birth by her mother. As a result, she grew up among humans without any knowledge of her dormant powers and abilities. A weak and mediocre human mage. But as Evelyn faced life-threatening encounters and uncovered secrets about her identity through the voice in her amulet, her dormant powers started to awaken. What's more, the balance of power in the realms of Zitherland was beginning to teeter as well. With demons lurking and darkness closing in, can she rise above her own shadows and internal demons to save her world? Will Evelyn's destiny shatter the realm or bring forth its ultimate redemption? Embark on an odyssey of power, passion, and sacrifice that will leave you breathless. ————— Even though, this novel has a female MC... You should try it out because it is unique and full-packrd with action... My esteemed readers and fans should join my discord server let's connect together. There will be spoilers of the novel climax here in that community https://discord.gg/SdzyYgTa

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This novel is a gem.Having been inteoduced to action novels,i hardly read any other genres but this novel got me captivated .I like it ,keep it up author


Really nice story, the characters and the bloodline in general is superb. The updates are frequent enough and the story is going on a nice pace. Looking forward for future updates!


I couldn't stop myself from clicking on the next chapter until there wasn't anything available. The storyline of the book is interesting and captivating it adds a new fresh perspective on fantasy stories. I truly enjoyed.


Guys, Good day! I am a newbie author here at Webnovel and this is my first novel. I will highly appreciate your comments, feedbacks, constructive criticism and reviews about this novel. It will help me craft this story the best way to captivate your interests. Happy Reading as I look forward to your reviews and feedback! [img=recommend]


"My unrivaled bloodline" introduces a captivating fantasy world where Evelyn, a powerful "tribrid," discovers her hidden potential as she faces life-threatening challenges. The starting chapters, beginning with an urgent conversation in a castle hall, set the stage for an epic journey filled with intrigue and secret powers. The writing style creates a vivid atmosphere, and I'm looking forward to reading more of Evelyn's story.


This novel is totally mind blowing. keep up the good work.


I like OP FEMALE LEADS and that jerk who called girls weak and useless i hope Evelyn reach the Divine Rank and show him the middle finger hehehe. There are only 10 chps yet, but It's pretty good. And I like how the Author gave detail information of everything.Hope to see more.


This is the first time I am attracted to an action novel. It's mostly action and is based on developing the female lead. I got to say, you got me hooked [img=update]


You guys should give this book a try, it's a dark fantasy with a good world building. needles to say, the author did a good work with it. overall, a nice novel to read.


You developed story development is great but world building need more information. overall it is going in right direction but you still need to improve the worldbuilding for that you can watch world building videos online on you tube but Great work keep writing.


I am always searching for a new story about witches and this one has me hooked right from the start! The first chapter is intense, pulls you in and just leaves you craving more. The worldbuilding is fantastic and just leaves me waiting in anticipation for the next update!


Omo! Mad oh. First of all I give to the book cover and the contents.Do not even get me started on that.


Nice book coming from the author, it feels refreshing seeing yet another strong FL in a book.


This book is remarkable . The flame of creativity that burns within you should never diminish . i love this , keep it up.


You guys should give this book a try, it's a dark fantasy with a good world building. The developed story development is great same with the world building needless to say, the author did a good work with it. Overall, a nice novel to read.


I read up to Chapter 10, and so far the world-building is top-tier, and the grammar and flow are fantastic. Honestly, the writing is excellent and the imagery is very well written. The only caveat is sometimes I feel like the characters come off as annoying. Amazing work though! A definite 4.8 Stars


Reveal spoiler


This is a call for read to readers, come enjoy this marvelous stories that am following


Wow! Just wow! What a master piece, the storyline and the plot everything is well written.


Really great story. I have high standards when it comes to fantasy and I must say this book met them. I love the wrold-building and plot - full of twists and a lot of tension (making you want to know what happens next). The only thing that got me was the tenses - going to present tense at random - which affected the flow of the story for me. Otherwise, the author has a talent weaving a wonderful story. Keep up the amazing work.


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