957 Chapter 957: An Old Friend. 3

Chapter 957: An Old Friend. 3

While Fred was contemplating various things, Victor was simply enjoying his coffee.

'Hmm, one of the best things that could happen to me was regaining my sense of taste. Not that the taste of blood wasn't good, but it's nice to experience different flavors,' Victor mused. He had never liked coffee before, but now that he had regained his sense of taste, he tried it again, and despite its bitterness, even with sugar, he found it strangely appealing.

'I still prefer juice,' he thought, 'Nothing beats the juice of different fruits... except for the blood of my Wives, of course.'

"If I transform into this variation, will I lose my Onmyo Powers?" Fred asked.

Victor made a disdainful face. "Who do you think I am, Fred? I'm not some flawed Creator God who does things halfway. If I'm going to create a new variation, it will have all the benefits."


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