956 Chapter 956: An Old Friend. 2

Chapter 956: An Old Friend. 2

Fred cleared his throat lightly, feeling embarrassed by his own introspective thoughts. 'Is it weird to imagine your friend fucking you?'

He shivered once more.

'Yes, it is,' Fred nodded to himself.

He was grateful that no one could read minds because, honestly, his mind was a cesspool of filth.

In his defense, Victor's Charm affected everyone indiscriminately. It was like Aphrodite's influence, and he was basically a male version of the Goddess of Beauty. So, it was only natural to have such thoughts.

'Although, it's still pretty gay,' Fred thought, acknowledging that he had a bromance with Victor, but that was it – they were just friends.

He would fight for his friend and do anything for him, just as Victor would do the same for him, but that line should never be crossed.


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