485 Chapter 485: A Battle For 'D'ominance.

Chapter 485: A Battle For 'D'ominance.

"I've changed my mind… It won't be more training, I'll destroy you." She spoke in a vicious tone that sent shivers down the spines of everyone present.

Everyone wondered what kind of training/torture Victor would undergo.

'Now, I understand how he got so strong.' Liena, Edward, Leona, Fred, and Andrew thought at the same time.

Only Aphrodite, Ruby, Anna, and Natalia knew what was going on.

Aphrodite was the Goddess of Sex, and she could smell Scathach's lust from miles away. She was also the Goddess of Love, so she could see Scathach's love burning like the sun itself.

Ruby, on the other hand, had seen this situation thousands of times with Violet, Sasha, and herself. The girls always had an 'excuse' to pull Victor into a room... Even though they knew they didn't need excuses. Not with Victor. He knew right away what they wanted, and they all knew he held himself back so he wouldn't attack them every day.


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