25 Chapter 25: Professor Adam.

After solving the problems with my wives and getting an outfit to disguise myself as James Smith, I go to college. When I get to college, I notice the students looking at me differently; they seemed to recognize me from the game that I played with Luan yesterday.

I also noticed some female students staring at me as if they were looking at prey, some male students were staring at me with explicit disdain on their faces.

Seeing all this, I just ignored it all and walked towards my classroom.

"Isn't he that player who jumped off across court yesterday? Did you see the video?" A man spoke.

"Yes, and to think that there was a player with those skills in this school... How did he never get recognized?" Another asked.

...I think I overreacted... Meh, I didn't mean to hide my changes from the start, what's the point of gaining powers if you can't use them?

I just have to avoid doing something humanly impossible, like jump to the height of a building or something. If things get out of hand I just have to get out of college, after all, I decided to stay in college just to satisfy my desire to play sports.

Arriving in the classroom, I realize I arrived too early; I look around and soon I see my economics teacher. He is a tall man, I think he is 200 cm tall, he has an amazing white mustache, white hair, and sapphire blue eyes; he was wearing a well-fitting suit and, despite being over 60 years old, he looked like a man who was in his 30s. In the past when his family and I went for a walk, I could see that under those clothes he wears there is a man with a well-trained body...

How did he manage to keep his body toned after being over 60 years of age?

"Oh, Victor... It's been a while since I've seen you in my class." He spoke with a small smile on his face as he turned and looked at me.

Looking into Adam's sapphire blue eyes, I felt an instinctive danger in my body but, the moment I felt that danger, the feeling I got disappeared as if everything I felt was an illusion.

But I knew this wasn't an illusion… I decided to keep this incident locked in my head.

"Professor Adam... You talk as if we haven't known each other for years, it's only been three days since I came to your class."

He laughed a little with an amused smile and said, "Indeed."

I walk up to the teacher and the closer I got to him, I couldn't help but look at his height with a bit of shock; he was the tallest man I've seen in person and a two-meter tall man can be very intimidating.

He leans against his desk and folds his arms as he looks at me, "Tell me the news, I hear you had a show yesterday on the basketball court."

"Do you know that too?" I asked in mock surprise.

"Everyone at this college knows what happened and you made a lot of enemies yesterday, after all, there are a lot of people who worship the captain of the basketball team." He commented casually.

"Oh?" I display a small smile on my face.

He looked at my smile and soon he exhibited a smile of his own as if he understood something, "But you don't mind, right?"

"How do you know?" I asked with mock shock as if he had discovered a big secret but, of course, I was still smiling.

"Heh Kid, how long do you think I've known you? I've watched you grow up with my kids, I know your personality very well." He chuckled.

He and I laugh together in fun, this teacher is an old acquaintance of mine; he is the father of two of my childhood friends, Leona and Edward, this man's name is Adam William Lykos.

"But don't cause too much trouble, the dean of this college is supporting Luan, and he might try to do something with you."

"Is he going to try to kick me out of college or something?" I spoke in disdain, if it was before I would be worried, but now? Now, I don't care anymore.

"Probably yes, but seeing as how you don't care, I think it's okay with you? Just don't cause too much trouble since that might make your parents sad." He warned me.

"I appreciate the concern, but don't worry about my family; I'm sure my parents won't be upset about something like that." After all, knowing my mother, if she finds out about every incident from beginning to end, she is going to try to sue the school. What about my dad? He'll just nod at me satisfied, after all, he was the kind of man who works things out with his fist in the past.

"Well, if you're saying so," Adam said as if it didn't really matter to him.

"You look paler than before, are you eating well?" he asked curiously.

"Yes, with the food my mom gave me, I even gained muscle, look," I said while pointing to my arm.

"Hahaha," He laughed like he thought of something very funny. He and I both know I was lying but, as expected from my childhood friend's father, he's a man who doesn't care much about things that don't involve his kids directly.

From what I understand of Adam's personality, he's the kind of man who can see the world burn and he won't care. He would only care about something if his kids were in the crossfire, he's very protective of his family, and that's why he and I get along, after all, we are alike.

"You tell good jokes, Victor." He spoke with a small smile.

"I didn't try to joke, as always your sense of humor is weird," I commented.

"Try to live as long as I do, I'm sure you'll have a few screws loose in your head."

He looks into my eyes and speaks in a deep voice like he's inducing me to do something, I even notice that his blue eyes sparkled for a few seconds, "What do you think, Victor? Why don't you loosen up a little?"

"Huh? What are you talking about, teacher?" I asked confused.

He closes his eyes and sighs a little relieved, then he smiled, "I was asking how long will you hide behind this 'mask' that you created yourself."

"...Adam, you know that all beings with intelligence in this world who live in society hide their true 'self', right?" I spoke with a cold little smile.

"Indeed, after all, we weird beings have to adapt to society." He spoke in a neutral tone, then looked at his watch.

"Victor, class is starting are you going to participate, or are you going somewhere?" He asked.

"I'm going to the swim club," I said, I need to experiment to see if I have weakness in the water.

"Oh, I see, as I've known you for a long time, I'm going to put that you were present in today's class," He said.

"Thank you, Professor Adam." He didn't need to do this but, as it's a kind gesture, I just have to thank him.

Soon I leave the classroom and walk towards the swim club.

When Victor left the classroom, Adam walked towards the window and, with a simple gesture of strength, he jumps towards a tree. Then, soon after, he jumps towards a building away from the college; all his actions were very soft, it was like he hadn't made any noise at all.

On top of a tall building away from the college, Adam sighed to himself in relief, then he picks up a phone and searches the list for the contact named 'My princess'.

Adam coughed a little to disguise that he was relieved about something and clicked to call his daughter, the phone rings a little, and soon his daughter answers.

"Father," Leona spoke into the phone.

"Oh, my little princess," He spoke with a satisfied smile on his face.

"Have you discovered something?" Leona asked impatiently.

Adam's smile breaks a little, but he replies, "Yes. Unfortunately, he's not from your family; he didn't react to my pressure like a newborn wolf would, and I also didn't feel the connection indicating he was from my pack."


Hearing his daughter's disappointed reaction, Adam quickly speaks, "But don't worry! The wolf's transformation may be dormant, after all, just like you, he could just wake up on a night with a full moon!" He tried to cheer her up.

"You're wrong, Dad." Leona sighed.

"Hmm?" Adam pretended not to understand.

"He won't become a member of my pack... The wolf's venom has been neutralized by the vampire's venom, Victor is a vampire now..."

Of course, Adam knew this, but he still reacted in surprise, "Oh? Is he a vampire? Why do you think that?"

"Well, the changes are obvious, and he's married to the Snow Clan's heiress, and Clan Fulger's"

"Oh…? I didn't know that." Adam was really surprised this time and he started to think; Wolf's venom wouldn't be an easy thing to neutralize, especially my daughter's venom... But if two noble vampires bit him, it makes sense that wolf venom would be neutralized.'

"What do we do, father?" Leona asked a little apprehensively.

"Huh?" Adam wakes up from his thoughts, and responds, "We don't do anything."


"As Victor isn't a wolf, he's not our problem anymore, he's just a leech now," Adam spoke in a definite tone.

"But-" Leona tried to say something, but Adam cut it off and spoke seriously as his eyes glowed a little bright blue.

"I forbid you to get involved with him."

"Father!" Leona yelled angrily.

"Leona, who do you think you're talking to? Lower your voice," Adam growled, he likes to spoil his daughter, but he wouldn't forgive the insubordination.

"I-I u-understand, I will-" Leona stops talking, and Adam can hear that she was sobbing and crying a little.

His eyes slowly began to lose their intensity, and he sighed, "You fool, I don't forbid you from treating him like normal friends... What I forbid is that you get involved in leech affairs, that's not our problem."

"R-Rigth~" Leona spoke in a tone like she was crying.

"I'll hang up, class is starting," Adam said sighing again.


When Adam hangs up, Leona wipes her tears away with the toilet paper, and sighs.

She was currently in the service area where she usually works taking care of animals.

"You're good at acting," Edward spoke in a neutral tone, he heard and saw everything Leona did, he even saw her start to sob and cry out of nowhere.

"Shut up," Leona said, then she snorted proudly, "I learned acting watching K-Drama"

"Only our dad would fall for this horrible act," Edward said as he rolled his eyes.

Leona pouted, and looked at her brother, "What do we do?"

"Nothing." Edward spoke, then he continued: "Victor turned into a vampire, so what? I've known him since he was little, I know he won't act like an emo and say we're enemies or some shit like that, just treat him normally."

"Hmm, you're right..." Leona spoke a little unsurely.

"…Did you want him as a member of the family?" Edward asked.

"Huh?" Leona's face turned a little red when she heard her brother's question.

"I understand, I understand." He nods his head several times as if he understands something: "You've known each other since you were a child, and you had a similar situation, after all, you and he were sick. He was always kind to you and, because of that, you're in love with him. You expected him to become a wolf so you could get close to him, and develop this relationship, right? This is the basic plot of any romance anime."

Slowly, Leona's face began to turn completely red with embarrassment.

Soon Edward continues, "If you followed the plot of an anime, you would approach Victor, and you would start dating him, after all, the childhood friend always wins in this type of plot."

Edward makes a serious face and an exaggerated gesture, "But you didn't expect a YANDERE to show up and steal the man you were in love with!" He points to Leona who had a completely red face.

"And if one Yandere wasn't enough, he got two Yandere! And, when we talk about Yandere, there's only one thing we can expect... Trouble! And since he has two yanderes, he has double problems!"

Leona started to clench her fist angrily and looked at her brother like he was a dead man.

Seeing his sister's face, Edward stopped joking and looked at her with a puzzled face, "Don't tell me that's it...?"

Soon Edward's face turns red with anger, "I forbid-" he tried to say something, but before he could finish the sentence, Leona made a move.

"You Fucking Idiot!!" She made a fist and attacked Edward's stomach.

"Ugh-" Edward didn't expect this sudden attack, so he flies towards the wall as a fist imprint appeared on his stomach.

"Humpf" Leona huffed, "You're wrong, I'm not in love with him, I treat him like a precious friend stop making up lies! I just didn't want him to fall into those leeches' traps!" Soon she turned and left the room where she was.

"Cough, Cough," Edward coughed a little as he came out of the wall that had the silhouette of his body and says, "She's getting stronger at a very fast pace... And it's only been three days since she woke up as a wolf, soon, she won't be a fragile girl anymore... She'll turn into a gorilla."


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