124 Chapter 124: The king's plan. 2

"Ugh..." Victor put his hand on his head as if he had a headache. Hearing an old man laugh in his head was not something pleasant.

"Hmm? What was it, Victor?"

"It's nothing-..." Victor looked at Scathach and suddenly opened his mouth in shock; 'was she always this beautiful?'

Long hair as red as blood itself, blood red eyes, pale skin like all vampires, defined face that held a gentle little smile. She was the perfect image of a blood beauty.

A duality of beauty and danger. Scathach now appeared absolutely stunning to Victor.


"!!!" Victor woke up from his stupor and quickly shook his head over and over, 'Fuck, now that I think about the possibility of a possible future relationship, the thought doesn't leave my head.'

Victor looked toward the king, "I accepted, now what?" He decided to finish all this soon.

"...?" Scathach didn't understand Victor's reaction, but she didn't mind so much. She was used to his oddness.


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