123 Chapter 123: The king's plan.

"In that case, don't you want to be a Count?"

"…" Scathach narrowed her eyes when she heard what Vlad said.

"A Count? Similar in status to my master?"


"..." Victor's eyes sparkled with interest.

Seeing this, the king's smile grew a little.

"Wait, Father!" First Prince Theo awoke from his stupor and spoke.

"Did I give you permission to speak?" He looked at his son.

"N-No..." Theo flinched under his father's gaze, quickly returning to his seat.

"Question." Victor raised his hand. He completely ignored the king's children, except for one little girl, Ophis, who was beside him before he knew it.

"..." The king looked at Victor.

Seeing the difference in treatment, the first prince's heart was flooded with jealousy.

"What does a Count's job entail exactly?"

"...." Again, everyone was silent.

The king looked at Scathach with a look that said, 'Woman, did you educate your disciple?'


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