119 Chapter 119: The king of all vampires.

The king of all vampires, the Progenitor, the strongest creature on Earth, the being that has walked the Earth for over 5000 years, the king of immortal creatures, the true immortal. He has many titles that beings have given him, he has many forms, and few people have seen his true form.

As the Progenitor, all vampires came from him. He is the beginning of everything, the strongest vampire in existence.

The creature that even hunters don't dare fight if they do not have all the generals together, and even if it brought together all the generals and pope to fight this monster, the chances of killing it was almost nil.

In fact, people wonder if it's possible to kill this man... Wrong, this monster.

In his lifetime, he had many names that he gave himself over the millennia. As a creature that outlives all other beings, he saw no need to have only one name in his long existence.


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