118 Chapter 118: The consequences of actions. 2

Victor exhibited a sad smile, "I killed William, your father."

"!!!" Sasha's body visibly trembled.

"...I see...That's why the girls, and even my mom, were silent about it, they were waiting for you to tell me about it." She spoke in a monotone.

'Natashia too? Well, it's really nice of her to do that. Wait, in just a few days, she knows me pretty well?' Victor thought.

Victor just continued stroking Sasha's head in silence. He avoided thinking about nonsense as much as possible and just waited for Sasha's reaction.


Sasha visibly sighed and snuggled closer to Victor. She closed her eyes and enjoyed this peaceful moment of hers; 'I missed it.'

Despite trying to stay calm and not think about bullshit, Victor couldn't. Outwardly, he appeared to be neutral, and he had only a gentle smile on his face.

But internally? He was in chaos.


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