117 Chapter 117: The consequences of actions.

After Natashia left the room.

Sasha enjoyed her husband's silent hug. She liked it a lot when they just stayed like that, not caring about anything. 'On that note, I remember something like this happened in the past...' She displayed a gentle smile when she remembered the first time she met Victor.

Feeling a gentle breeze pass against her private parts, she looked down and realized she was still naked, her face taking on a slight shade of red. 'I need to wear some clothes!' She wasn't a crazy exhibitionist like her mother!

As soon as she was out of Victor's arms, she got up off the floor and walked towards the wardrobe. She grabs a pair of black panties, a pair of black spandex pants, and a plain white long shirt that had a picture of a rabbit emblazoned on its front.

Pleased with the clothes she'd chosen, she began putting on her outfit.

"…" Victor just appraised his wife in silence.


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