116 Chapter 116: Two Mothers.

When Victor arrived at the place where he heard Sasha's voice, the scene he came across left him very shocked...

He saw his wife Sasha Fulger the way she came into the world, being hugged by her mother, who was also naked...

"Ah~, my beloved daughter is so beautiful~! Look at those golden hairs that look like a wheat field created by the goddess Demeter herself, look at those green eyes that look like two beautiful emeralds, she is so beautiful! She is so like me!" Natashia hugged Sasha tighter.

"S-STOP IT!" Sasha tried to run away, but she couldn't break free from her mother's clutches.

"You're just like me…." She smiled gently as she stroked Sasha's face.

"E-Eh?" Sasha wasn't used to her mother's show of affection. In fact, she just wanted to scream from the bottom of her heart; who are you!? What did you do to my mom!?


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