114 Chapter 114: Another crazy mother-in-law.

"Boy... No. Victor. What do you think will happen when my daughter finds out what happened here?" Natasha slowly began to float towards Victor.

"Huh?" Victor doesn't understand why she's bringing up this subject again.

"What do you think she'll think when she hears her husband hugged her mother and sucked her blood without her permission?" She displayed a seductive smile.

"In our society, that is basically rape, you know?"

'Heh~, so you decided to play this game, Bitch. I wonder how far you're going to take this.' Scathach's eyes weren't pretty now.

Victor exhibited a serious face and totally ignored the bullshit Natasha said, he wouldn't fall into her rhythm:

"Think, Natasha. Think." He pulled away from Natasha.

"... Think about what?" Natasha exhibited a confused face.


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