113 Chapter 113: A monster created by god.

Side of Violet, Sasha, and Ruby.

Suddenly the group stopped running.

"This feeling…" Sasha's chest filled with worry as she felt something coming from their connection:

"Is it Darling?" She asked.

"This is weird. I've never felt this before. It's like he's…overflowing with pride?" Ruby felt strange, her husband was a proud man, but his pride was not so great that he could convey it to them through the connection.

"This is my Darling!" Violet spoke with a big smile on her face, but then she wore an uncertain expression:

"I'm sure this is my husband, but something is weird, this feeling, he's never conveyed something like this before…." She couldn't explain what she was feeling.

"..." Agnes looked at this situation with curious eyes and was wondering what they were talking about.

'Master...' Yuki was worried, and somehow, she felt jealous of Kaguya now. After all, with her power, she could always be with her master.


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