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My Superpower Refreshes Every Week

A piece of snow cake

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Chen Yuan found that his superpowers refreshed every week. The first week, he noticed a red number attached to any object that exhibited signs of life, ranging from hundreds, thousands, to tens of thousands, and more. The smallest number he had ever seen was 0.00001, atop a teddy bear. A second later, a large truck crushed it. The second week, he discovered he could hear others' inner voices, uncontrollable. Whatever they thought, they would continuously pour into his head, keeping him from daring to visit places like subways and shopping malls. Moreover, he no longer dared to directly look at the girl with bangs sitting in the back seat who usually kept quiet... Subsequently, he refreshed other special abilities such as Dream Connection and Body Swapping. Several weeks later, his superpowers stopped updating. After several peaceful days, he was ready to return to his normal life. Yet, a girl wearing red stood under a gingko tree, tilted her head at him, and asked: "Can you see me?"