My Stall Sells Only Restricted-Level Items! Book

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My Stall Sells Only Restricted-Level Items!

Chicken Swallower

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There was a magical roadside stall with absurdly many rules on a city street. Number one, the stall owner will never deliver the goods, accept reservations, or accept any haggling. Two, the deal has to be done in person if one wishes to purchase something, beautiful women are no exception. Three, the stall owner will open the stall when he wants to, so one has to wait in the area every day if one wants to buy something good. Four, ... There was still a fierce crowd at the stall every day despite the many rules. It couldn't be helped. The restricted-level items in the stall were just too alluring. A beautiful, internet-famous woman set up her live streaming gear by the side of the street. "Hello everyone, I'll continue with the live stream. There are significantly more customers today than yesterday." "A few luxury cars have stopped here. Hm? Who do I see? Isn't that the famous businessman?" "Oh, there's someone else! Oh, my God, isn't that the famous artist? Also, isn't that the titan of the scientific world whose name has spread all over the country?" "Oh f*ck! Gates! It's Gates!"