My Skill Creation System

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Remote Possession

Nathan leaped backward swiftly and avoided the golem's attacks.

The golem attacked wildly, but he was still able to easily dodge them. His movement speed still vastly exceeded the golem's movement speed, after all.

He looked at his status on the Hunter Device on his wrist.

[Blue Bar (Mana): 30%]

[Green Bar (Energy): 20%]

[Yellow Bar (Will Power): 20%]

"Since when did my stamina decrease this much, Luna? And why didn't you tell me beforehand that this golem was going to attack like this?" Nathan shouted.

"Master, Master, you can simply say stop! He won't be able to go against your orders." Luna explained, who floated following where Nathan ran.

"Huh?" Nathan paused for a moment. The golem threw its two arms, which were longer than normal humans, at him.


Nathan closed his eyes reflexively as the dust was blown away by the swift movement of the golem's two wooden hands.

The golem in front of Nathan was shaking as if trying to go against the order.

"Do I need another skill to understand the words of the monster inside this golem?" Nathan sighed.

"Do some camouflage and hide among those trees." Nathan gave the golem orders, pointing to a place among the trees.

The golem lowered his hands. He turned and walked towards the place Nathan pointed.

The golem transformed into the surrounding trees and immediately merged with nature, no longer looking like a living tree monster.

Nathan reactivated camouflage mode on himself and looked for a place to take cover and hide.

He was breathing fast, and his heart pounded wildly from within his chest. He wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Luna smiled innocently at Nathan.

"I know you did this on purpose, Luna."

"No…" She shook her head quickly. "No, I didn't mean to do that, Master. I was just too late to tell you that you can control that golem with just a simple order."

Nathan lowered his head, trying to calm himself after realizing his stamina was being drained just by performing the skill he had just created.

"Okay." He lifted his face again after a while. "Tell me everything I need to know about this golem, Luna."

Luna nodded quickly. "All right… Okay…." She nodded again.

"So… Master Nathan, you can only give the golem simple commands because it has very low intelligence. It might take Tier 3 skills so they can be programmed with more complex commands."

Nathan nodded at Luna's explanation. "Then?"

"Hummu, hummu… That golem's level will follow yours, since it's a personal avatar type golem. With this, it means you can claim all the experience gained if the golem kills a monster."

Nathan raised his right hand. "Tell me, what's the difference between personal avatar golems and normal golems, in terms of strengths and weaknesses, Luna?"

"The first difference is the experience gained, as I explained earlier. The second difference is the skill and ability of the golem will depend on you because it is a personal avatar. In normal golems, they will have the skills and abilities inherited from the monster cores they are created of."

"Hmm…" Nathan raised his eyebrows. "Which is more profitable, personal avatar golem or normal golem?"

Luna raised her index finger. "They are both useful depending on needs. If you wanted to create an army with different roles, then it would be better if they inherited unique traits. But if you want to create an army that is all similar to you, then personal avatars are a better choice. However, if a large number of golems have the same characteristics, they will be much easier to defeat if the weakness is known." Luna ended her long explanation with a smile.

"Okay, okay." Nathan nodded slowly. "The topic is quite interesting to discuss. I want to know more about the potential of this class. But now there is one thing I want to do."

"Hummu, hummu…"

Nathan then whispered softly, "Create a new skill."

A digital screen, as usual, appeared in front of him.

He placed his hand on the digital keyboard and immediately typed something there.

Luna hovered beside him, silently watching what Nathan was typing and erasing repeatedly.

Nathan turned to Luna, who was hovering beside him after feeling that he had written the description in sufficient detail as he wished.

"Any feedback Luna?"


[Create a skill to control the earth golem remotely by transferring my soul or consciousness. Let me share as much as I can of the stats I have with the golems I control.]


"Hmmm…." Luna was silent for a moment. "I think it is quite good, Master." She continued.

"Okay, before I continue. Tell me, what can I do and not do after taking over the body of the golem?"

Luna floated in front of Nathan. "So… So you still can do all the system commands. For example, checking status, creating new skills. You can still summon items from the Crescent Moon Dimension. But you can't use all the skills you currently have."

Nathan nodded and smiled. "I think that's fair enough. Because if I could have the same ability as when I took over the golem's body. Then I will truly become invincible, invincible as long as anyone can't find my real body."

Luna nodded quickly.

Nathan smiled, took a deep breath, and pressed the digital button in front of him.

[25 Skill Points spent to create a Tier 1 Skill]

[Analysis in progress...]


[Progress.. 100%]

[Analysis successful...]

[Route Quests Match: Golem Creator]

[You've got 2 Skill Points Cashback]

[Skill created successfully]

[Earth Golem Remote Possession Tier 1 - Lv. 1]

[The user can transfer their consciousness into the body of their earth golem. Allowing the user to manipulate them.

The user's ability will be limited by the golem's limitation.]

[Level 1: Share 10% of the user's stats with the golem.]


[New Golem Creator Skill created]

[Golem Creator 1/10 progress: 2/2 Skills]


[Congratulations, the 1st Golem Creator Route Quest Cleared]

[You've got a reward of 50,000 Skill Points]

[You've got a reward of 1 New Skill Slot]

[Golem Creator Route Quest 2/5 opened]

Nathan slowly read the description of the new skill he got.

"Okay, the skill I created is really to my liking. I can take over my personal golem from afar, and I can hide my body in a safe place. And, let's see how much stat share I would have in its max level, Luna."

"All right, master..."


[Level 5: Share 30% of the user's stats with the golem.]

[400 Skill Points spent]

"My personal golem will have 70% of my total stats. And I'll share out an additional 30% if I'm taking over the golem. I will fight with all the stats I have, using the skills the golem has, and without risking my safety." Nathan deduced from all the descriptions of the two skills he had just created.

Luna nodded. "Yes, master."

Nathan was still sitting on the ground, leaning on his back. He then muttered under his breath. "Earth Golem Remote Possession."

Nathan felt his body lighten up. He suddenly felt his body become heavy.

He opened his eyes and discovered that he had indeed transmigrated into his golem body.

His vision looked strange, as if he was wearing sunglasses.

"Oh, I am seeing through the eyes of this golem."

He also couldn't feel the wind or the temperature of the air like in his actual body. It was strange when all his senses had disappeared, leaving only his sight.

"Deactivate Tree Camouflage."

The golem's body changed from its tree form to its original form.

Luna floated from a distance and approached him.

Nathan turned to the large rock where he was sitting. He couldn't see anything there.

Nathan moved his hand, which was longer than a normal human hand. He noticed its long fingers. "It really feels weird."

"Misfortune Cursed Sword." He muttered under his breath, though not the slightest sound came out when he tried to speak.

A black sword appeared in his hand.

Nathan tried to move and stepped to his feet. He could easily get used to his new body. As if it was his own body.

"Luna." Nathan turned to Luna.

"Yes, yes, yes, Master Nathan."

"Can I transfer this golem into the Crescent Moon Dimension?"

"Yes, yes yes, Master. You can easily transfer the golem there. Because, in reality, it is just an inanimate object."

Nathan walked back to a wider area with fewer trees. He put his hand on his chest.

"Does this mean I can enter the Crescent Moon Dimension at will by taking over the body of this golem?" Nathan raised his face to look at Luna.

Luna just chuckled in response to Nathan's words.

"Transfer this golem into the Crescent Moon Dimension." Nathan said enthusiastically.

The huge golem's body vanished from the place.