My Skill Creation System

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What is My Skill Creation System

Read My Skill Creation System novel written by the author Herolich on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, system, magic, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Read the synopsis through to the end and read my own review of this story to gain a better understanding of its overall concepts. ᴥᴥᴥ At the tender age of five, I tragically lost my parents and suffered a life-altering injury. Five years later, my stepmother evicted me from my home. This misfortune, however, gave rise to a new beginning for me. At age fifteen, I encountered a dramatic turn of events when I received two mysterious blessings. [You have received the Blessing of Greed] [You have received the Blessing of Sloth] I was gifted with the Blessing of Greed from a dragon and the Blessing of Sloth from a human. [Welcome to the Skill Creation System] [What skill would you like to create?] I soon discovered that I might be a Half-Dragon, and unlocked the Skill Creation System, which also allowed me to access my mother's memories and the truth behind their death! Now, I'm embarking on a quest to become the strongest in multiple worlds. I must find the answers I seek, protect those I care about, and gain the strength to exact revenge on those who have wronged me. I intend to use the powers of the Blessings I have been granted to avenge my parents and forge my own destiny. Possible additional tags: Adventure, Magic, Fantasy, Action, Dark Magic, Superpowers, Immortality Monsters, Demons, Gods, Shapeshifters, Dragons, Spirits, Faery, Elves, Dwarves, Giants, Magical Creatures Kingdom Building, School Arc, Skill Creation, Dungeon Exploration Romance, Epic Journey, Hero's Journey, Epic Battles, Epic Quest Curses, Ancient Relics, Ancient Civilizations, Hidden Worlds ᴥᴥᴥ Discussions, Illustrations, Wiki: https://discord.gg/npje4q2e Herolich#3449 ᴥᴥᴥ FAQs 1. Rape? NO! 2. NTR? NO! 3. GOT style deaths? NO! 4. School arc? Yes. 5. Kingdom Building? Yes, but it will be in a future volume. Please read the FAQs chapter for more. ᴥᴥᴥ As a token of my appreciation: Castle: Two bonus chapters, Spacecraft: Four bonus chapters, Golden Gachapon: Six bonus chapters. Additionally, for every progress on the Golden ticket, one bonus chapter will be unlocked for every 100 Golden tickets.

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Welcome to this story! Before you embark on this journey, I'd like to give you some introductions. 1. This story will mainly focus on the MC and his creative approach in using various combinations of skills to make him the strongest character. 2. This story will focus on the intricate plot and myriad of mysteries that have been carefully crafted. There are plenty of quests that the main character must complete in the well-constructed World Building. So, enjoy the journey! 3. As for the female characters, you'll find many of them near the MC. However, I won't be focusing too much on their romantic relationships with the MC. So don't expect too much in this regard; male and female friendships will have equal representation in the story. 4. I am writing this story with a great deal of care and attention to detail. I have crafted a detailed list of all the characters' backgrounds, traits, and motives. Each character is unique, so you can easily comprehend their distinct personalities. 5. I'm striving to keep a balance, so I'm limiting myself to writing only the necessary amount to prevent burnout or a decrease in quality. My goal is to release at least one chapter daily. 6. You can get additional content such as official character designs, stickers, Wiki, and illustrations if you join the Discord server. Please reach out to me on Discord (Herolich#3449) as I don't have a permanent server invitation code yet. 7. I'm not a native English speaker, so if you find any mistakes in my translation, please let me know in the comments. 8. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, don't hesitate to reach out. I'd also appreciate it if you leave a review. Enjoy the story!


Reveal spoiler


The story is progressing well as far as I've read. As someone who loved the author's previous book, I look forward to what will happen. As in your previous book, it is obvious that you care about world-building and I don't have a problem at the moment. There aren't many characters for now, but I like the people who appear. I hope you can write them like living people. And I know you can because I loved the characters in your previous book. If there are things I want to point out, I think you can make artificial intelligence talk less. He's a cute character, but the two of them talk a little too long sometimes. And I want the wars to be short but exciting. The battles in his previous book were good, but sometimes they could get too long. Personally, I loved it, but some people get bored. I guess that's it, I hope you tell the story you want to tell, as long as you write, I want to see the end of your stories.( Sorry for bad grammer)


Welcome back Herolich, your previous book was one of the rare books I liked on this site. I hope you complete this book before you leave it to the end.


Nice. Excellent start, as always, and very, very, very fun new idea. I hope the story grows well and the author publishes a lot of chapters daily! All the very best!


Honest reviews are here.. [Spoiler Alert] If you are thinking about if this is an OP MC from the beginning or not, I will clarify it for you.. It is not.. MC has huge potential as he can create the skill, but it is not as OP as you imagined.. Creative skill? It is OK but not creative.. MC first skill creation is something like berserker talent (buff temporary but then will be in weakening state after use it).. Then, his 2nd skill is mental healing.. The 3rd skill he created is detection skill (he can detect within 5m).. His 4th skill is buff skill using "greed".. So, it is creative? It kind of looks normal skills if you ask me.. If you worry that this novel is going to have a growth pace too fast, it is not.. So don't worry.. If you are worried that this is going to have MC too overwhelming or a cheating system, you worry for nothing. It is not overwhelming, and his system is his OP, but the author nerfed the MC, so don't worry.. Why? First, MC has limited slots for the skill he can create.. There are tier 1 (weakest) until tier 7 (there might be a higher tier in the future).. Second, MC created 6 skill tier 1 out of 14 slots.. Yes, 6 out 14 slot is tier 1.. He kinda wasting many slots for just useless skills and weak tier 1 skill.. Third, as you read, the skills MC created are not OP.. Like berserker, it boosts 20% of his stat (Strength,Agility,Stamina only).. 20% is super low, and this skill ALREADY max out (Lv5).. Lv5 is the max level for each skill.. Then, one of his skill creation is boosting his speed for 0.5 seconds.. Weird, 0.5 second speed boost, like what the fork? There is also skill like detection where he can detect 5 meters around him.. 5 meters, seriously? At max-level skill, 20 meter.. The range is too short.... Even normal humans can see, hear, and smell something around 20 meters.. If in the supernatural world or cultivation world, many people can move like in a blink within 20 meters.. I sure their five sense are much sharper than normal human, they probably can sense it without a skill.. His 5th and 6th skill is related to beast tamer skill.. The skill MC create is weak, or maybe I should say "balance".. This novel doesn't have an instant understanding of how things work.. It is because the system had A.I.. This will explain or teach it to MC.. Plus, this A.I. kind of love teasing MC.. Sometimes, MC seems strong, but due to the author statement or sentence in the novel that it seems MC is much weaker.. For example, the author sentence in the novel said something like, "MC is just lv.1 but his stats already at the same level as lv.15." Which makes you think that MC is strong for lv.1.. Then, the next chapter, it show how MC is struggling to fight against one-on-one with the lv.5 beast.. Don't mention when he has to fight more than one beast at once.. If the author didn't write that "MC stat is the same as lv.15", it will be different.. Because people will think "lv.15 awakener is struggling against lv.5 beast?" If the author doesn't write that, it will seem as "MC stat higher than other, but he just lv.1 awakener, and he already can fight against lv.5 beast?" Is this creative skill? Are these OP skills? Unfortunately, it is not.. So, don't worry guys, the author is making sure that this novel is not too OP or makes him ridiculously strong.. If you are looking for an OP novel, this might disappoint you (like me).. But you might love this novel if you like weak to strong type of novel..


Happy to be back after a long time Herolich. As a fan of the old book, I look forward to what you will write in this book.


this book is very well written. it is still very early in the book (45 where I am) and the characters have a sense of realism. so far no goofy cliches. MC powers are versatile but not overpowered. overall I am optimistic that this will be a unique story with a deep world and relatable MC


Nice story but sadly I don't see this going anywhere with the amount if views it has, usually 90% of authors with less than 60k views drop the books.


so Mr author are we expect this to have 3000 chapter or more thats all I wanna know


This book is very well written hope this book continues regular updates


Very good story. Good pacing and decent character building. Funny and helpful side characters with good personalities. Cant wait to see where you take this story!


I’m really enjoying this book. It’s interesting. I can’t wait till the author starts updating the chapters more frequently. The novel doesn’t have a lot of grammatical errors and it’s easy to read and follow along with the story. From what I’ve read I definitely want to know why Leon helped the MC.


Not bad, but with weird dialogue and interactions between characters


I have really enjoyed the development of this character and book but I feel that the main character is practically being given his abilities without him truly having to work for it. I also feel like this world could use a tad bit more development.


Overall it is a pretty good read. Some parts can be a bit frustrating to read but there aren’t many. Occasionaly there will be confusing dialogue and there are some typos. However, the MC is likeable and his progression is handled pretty well. I also didn’t like a few plot points but thats just a personal opinion. Rating: 4/5


Author, as I haven't read the novel yet...so i can't say anything about it...but please remove these types of Novel Profile Pic(Ecchi/hentai Girl) who have no relation to the novel....just the image/portray of the main character...these types of profile pics degrade the novels quality from reader's perspective as most of those BS novel have just those types of Profile pics with trash story....so your novel can also count in that section..just by reading the novel name and profile pic


well, it was too edgy for me,....many things like and many i don't ....just so-so


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