MATURED CONTENT! ________________________ "I love you but I'm scared to hurt you" The red eyed vampire shouted. "You don't have to be scared, I know you'll never hurt me..please" Annabelle tried to hug him but he shifted away quickly. Soon tears built up in her ocean blue eyes. "I'm ugly right? that's why you don't even want to look at me..I hate you!" She started walking away when strong arms pulled her closer. "You can insult me all you like but I won't bear it if you hate me" "But-" Anna was cut short with a kiss. "MhMhmm" A moan escaped from her lips. "Do you still hate me?" Andrien smirked. "Only a little bit. But I know what can fade that away" "Pls, tell me" He breathed on her ear. "I would prefer to show you" Andrien smiled exposing his elongated white fangs and they began their normal routine. *********************************** They say a Vampire and a Werewolf are deadly enemies. What happens if they mate?

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A knocking sin

"Noah why are you always staring at the window? Are you searching for something?" Noah's roommate, Jackson, questioned while laying on his bed.

"Not something, someone. A girl actually,..my annabelle.." He leaned at the window side.

"Noah I've never seen you this lovesick. you must really love her." Noah nodded.

He didn't realize he would fall in love with a girl at such a young age. And when he found out, she had already been promoted to the females quarters, and they have never encountered since then.

He closed his eyes and smelt a deep enchanting rose scent. The familiarity was overwhelming.

'I know this scent from anywhere. ' He stopped leaning and was looking through the window. He saw a lady walking towards the slave quarters.. and she resembled her?

''Psst! Psst!"

He tried to signal her but she ran out to the royal palace, with her right hand holding a pink book.

''didn't she hear me? and why did she run to the palace?'' Noah murmured in concern.

"What's wrong noah? why are you frowning?" Jack sat on the bed resting on a pillow and Noah turned to him smiling.

"I've found her!"


Once she collected her diary, she got out quickly and ran to the palace. But as she wanted to open the gates to enter, someone touched her shoulder and she stiffened.

Had they caught her?

Slowly, she moved to see the person.

"Susan? what're you doing here? and.." she also saw andrien beside her and became scared.

Would he punish her for being outside?

"Open the gate. My girlfriend and I have a lot to do." Confusion filled Anna's brain. "girlfriend?" she mumbled thinking she was dreaming.

"Are you deaf or something?! Open the damn gate!" Susan yelled and that's when Anna noticed her indecent dressing.

' I don't know how low she would stoop and of course andrien would agree to it. ' Anna felt disappointed and couldn't point out why.

It's none of her business anyways, she remembered, and unlocked the gate that made a creak sound as it opened.

The two walked past her and she closed the gate.

.' Everything is very suspicious, and I will find out what, and then be able to leave this mad place.' she finalized.

The King was on his throne making different calls. It was as if he was stressing over something.

"father, good evening"

He ended the call and sighted Andrien alongside with two women.

One in bad dressing, the other in plain clothes.

"Who are they?" king darin questioned.

He needed to be careful with who his son acquaintances with.

Little did they know that Susan was controlling andrien's speech because of his drunk state.

"Father this is my girlfriend, Susan." Andrien referred to the woman on the left.

"And this is nobody. Although I don't know why she's here." He referred to the girl on the right.

"Did you forget that you chose her to be our kingdom's chef?!" the King raised his voice to his forgetful son.

"I-I know. Besides I want to get married to Susan at the first of next month which is 30 days from today." He continued.

"What is she?"his father raised one of his eyebrows, He wouldn't risk his son marrying a disgusting wolf.

"Vampire, second rank."

"That's good enough. The media and our kingdom will be informed tomorrow. good night." King darin resumed his anonymous calls.

Despite them disregarding annabelle, to her something was skeptic.

How did Susan become Andrien's girlfriend when they've never met each other, let alone spoken to each other once. There was simply no logic at all and she must find out, her pondering thoughts ceased.

Now she had to regrettably tell andrien her name due to her exhaustion of too much work.

' I can't tell him tomorrow or this evening. The single free time he might have is tonight..' she settled uncomfortably.

Susan retired to the guest room, and andrien to his. fortunately when she's drained or tired, her powers wear off until her strength regains.

She is aware of this and plans daily on how to gain more power. She dosed on the bed after wearing an extra nightwear from the wardrobe.

When Anna was assured that everyone had slept, she tiptoed to andrien's room.

She carefully slid into the almost closed door and then silently closed it. A quiet gasp escaped from her mouth. His room was immensely appealing. With the dimmed lights, black and grey furnitures. The neat dressed black bed was like no one had slept on it yet. An enormous glass frame of andrien was hung. Everywhere screamed masculinity, Anna couldn't help but stare at the handsome picture.

"take it."

she almost jumped up seeing andrien. One, because he was in the bathroom and came out with a towel tied around his waist.

His sculptured abdominal highlighted his six packs.

His wet long silver hair dripped wet.

A blush crept on her face, she had committed a sin that knocked at her door and she opened.

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