12 012 Yellow's Advancement

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Runic World - within a crack between the rocks in Wild Boar Valley.

In this small space, Wu Wei and Yellow sat opposite each other. Looking at the six glowing drops in front of him, Wu Wei's expression was full of excitement.

As for Yellow, he was only [Common]-grade, so he had even less intelligence than a Runic Wild Boar and could not share Wu Wei's happiness.

He wouldn't even understand what happiness was!

"O Great Gods, bestow upon me your blessings! O Supreme Book of Runes, O Brother Black Robe! Bless me!"

Wu Wei prayed for a moment before opening the drops one by one.

Although he didn't need to open them to know what was inside, Wu Wei still enjoyed the process.

It made things more exciting!

As the spheres of lights revealed themselves, lines of words appeared before Wu Wei's eyes.

[You have opened a Common drop and obtained 1x [Superior Wild Boar Special Meat!]]

[You have opened a Common drop and obtained 1x [Runic Armament: Wild Boar Necklace!]]

[You have opened a Common drop and obtained 1x [Superior Wild Boar Kidney!]]

[You have opened an Uncommon drop and obtained 1x [Rune: Earth Spike!]]

[You have opened an Uncommon drop and obtained 1x [High-quality Wild Boar King Heart!]]


Wu Wei had acquired some interesting Wild Boar body parts among these six drops.

When Wu Wei took a look at the properties of the 'Special Meat', it wrote:

"A great tonic with miraculous effects in treating kidney deficiency. Can revive one's masculinity."

Although it was a good item, Wu Wei did not need it.

He was full of vigor, so there was no deficiency to treat.

However, he still put them away with care. He might not have needed them, but he felt they could be sold for a high price.

After that, Wu Wei squinted to inspect the remaining three items. He almost had to squint to the point of closing his eyes when the attribute windows of the three items finally appeared.


Item: <Wild Boar Necklace>

Type: <Runic Armament>

Quality: <Common >

Level: <9 >

Equipment Requirement(s): <None >

Equipment Effect: Increases the efficiency of cultivation by 50%.

P.S.: It only works on those Level 10 and below.


Item: <Magic Rune: Earth Spike>

Type: <Magic Rune>

Quality: <Uncommon >

Level: <10 >

Equipment Requirement(s): <None > (3/3)

Inscription Condition: <Runic Mage>


Item: <High-quality Wild Boar King's Heart>

Quality: <Uncommon >

Type: <Ingredient >

Level: <10 >

Description: Can be eaten directly. Eating it raw will strengthen the body. (Limited to Stage 1 and below) 

PS: You can also try to turn this into a dish. It will be more delicious, and the effect will also be better.


Looking at the three items, Wu Wei felt… somewhat disappointed.

They were all good items but not as good as the Wild Boar Sword.

Wu Wei was now Level 10, so the Wild Boar Necklace was not useful to him. According to his estimations, it should fetch him around at least 20 runic stones - possibly up to 40.

The Earth Spike rune, however, was worth at least 50 runic stones. Of course, Wu Wei could keep it as a method of attacking.

But that would be silly of him.

To sell it for 50 runic stones or keep it to use only 3 times was an easy decision.

As for the last item, Wild Boar King's Heart, Wu Wei thought he should hold on to it.

"All of the drops add up to just over 100 runic stones. That's... alright, I guess!"

Finished with his inspection, Wu Wei stored all the items and then turned towards Yellow.

At this moment, Yellow's attribute window had drastically changed.


Name: <Yellow Turban Soldier> (Yellow)

Master: <Wu Wei>

Quality: <Common > (Advancement Available) (Three Conditions Fulfilled)

Level: <10 >

Runic Armament: Wild Boar Sword

Skills: Boar Slaughtering Slash


There was an 'Advancement Available' line after its quality.

At present, Yellow has already fulfilled three conditions to advance.

On top of these three conditions, the fourth condition could soon be fulfilled!

However, Wu Wei did not prepare to do it in Runic World.

'While in Runic World, always maintain absolute vigilance!'

This was Wu Wei's principle.

Wu Wei did not know what changes would happen to Yellow after advancement.

Suppose the advancement caused a big commotion and drew the attention of monsters, even if Wu Wei could escape by himself. In that case, Yellow may not be able to.

Therefore, it was better to return to the real world to perform the advancement.

In the real world, the worst outcome would be if someone found out about his advancement. 

However, it was not as if such a thing had never happened before, so it was not a big deal.

Moreover, as Dahan enforced Runemaster laws strictly, Wu Wei was not worried about having his advancement exposed.

Comparing the worst outcome for both sides, Wu Wei naturally chose to return to the real world to advance.

After returning to the real world, Wu Wei re-summoned Yellow in his dorm.

Then, he took out the two bottles of runic pills that he had gotten from the black-robed stall owner and had Yellow consume them.

After the first Runic Pill entered his mouth, a number appeared in front of Wu Wei.


"What?! Didn't he already consume one before? Or… is it that the same type of medicine can't be used? Or... do I have to attempt the condition in one shot?"

Wu Wei's eyes narrowed. After thinking things through, he ordered Yellow to pick up speed.

In one shot, Yellow emptied both bottles of pills!


[Condition 4 Fulfilled. Do you want to advance? Y/N.]


"It really was time-restricted!"

After seeing the three lines of words flash, Wu Wei decided to perform the advancement without hesitation.

He opened Yellow's attribute window and selected 'Advance'.

As Wu Wei clicked on advance, Yellow began to dissipate into glowing particles of light that flashed brightly before flowing into Wu Wei.

The light entered Wu Wei's forehead to return to the Book of Runes.

When Yellow returned, Wu Wei felt the Book of Runes begin to heat up.

The feverish feeling made Wu Wei drowsy.

Although he tried to hold out for a while, Wu Wei collapsed after a few minutes of struggling and fell into a state of slumber.

Wu Wei slept for a few hours.

When he woke up, Wu Wei felt as if his body had just been freed from heavy shackles and felt extremely light-footed.

"What's going on?"

Wu Wei subconsciously began to move and test out his body, but when he saw his raised hand, Wu Wei was thunderstruck.

"Whose hand is this?! My hand can't be so thin, fair, and slender!

"Could it be…?"

Wu Wei seemed to realize something, so he quickly ran to the toilet and turned on the lights.

"Ah, it's so bright!"

The light was blinding, but what was more striking was Wu Wei's changed appearance.

All hints of Wu Wei's past chubbiness had disappeared. What was reflected in the mirror was a handsome man with fair skin and a chiseled face - he was as handsome as the readers!

Even in his wildest dreams, Wu Wei never expected that advancing Yellow would conveniently bring him such a massive makeover.

"Although I knew from the beginning that I had the potential and would look good if I slimmed down, isn't it a little too much for me to be this good-looking?! I didn't expect to become this handsome. I just wanted to upgrade Yellow!"

"Oh right, Yellow!"

Reminded of Yellow, Wu Wei waved his hand to re-summon him.

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