151 Reform and Regroup

I was awoken by the sound of nothing in particular.

Slowly, I got up and put on some clothes. It was a pretty warm morning so the routine was rather pleasant. After brushing my teeth and washing my face, I made my way downstairs to have some breakfast. I wasn't exactly feeling special so toast was my go-to breakfast. As I waited for my bread to heat up, I heard some knocking at the door.

Hmm, I wasn't expecting anyone.

I walked over to the front door and opened it, being greeted by Robbie's face.

"What's up, William!"


"Are you doing anything at the moment?"

"Not really."

He looked pretty bored so I decided to invite him inside. The two of us took a seat at the dinner table as I waited for my bread to finish heating up.

"Did you know that killing vampires gives a lot of experience?" he asked.

"Yeah, I've been hunting them the last few days."


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