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My OP Minion System in the Apocalypse


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William Hunter was a young high-school student who was always at the top, in academics, looks, and athleticism. Suddenly, one day, everyone was given a system and transported into a parallel apocalyptic world filled with powerful hordes of zombies, wreaking havoc on everyone and everything. Even with systems, most people struggle to survive. - [You have received the ???-rank system, Minion Controller] [You have received 1x Woodcutter Minion and 1x Warrior Minion] [You can buy more minions in the Shop] - What was this? [Your Woodcutter Minion has collected 21 wood, it is now level-2] - As other people struggled to survive. William would be able to create an army of minions and take over this hellscape. *** Hey everyone, to boost my novel, I will host a novel event with various rewards! These will be for December; find out how you can win! There are three main categories: [Golden Ticket], [Powerstone] and [Privilege]. *** [Golden Ticket Rewards] - Rank #1: Recieve a THREE-MONTH Webnovel Membership (Sponsored by me~) + A SPECIAL COMMISSIONED Chapter with whatever contents you want (there are no limits!) - This chapter will be posted as an official chapter of the novel. - Rank #2: Recieve a ONE-MONTH Webnovel Membership + A SPECIAL Q/A with me - ask me any 3 questions (regarding anything), and I will respond with a paragraph each. - Rank #3-5: Recieve 100 coins + Q/A - ask me any 1 question. ___ [Powerstone Rewards] I will release a BONUS CHAPTER for every 100 Powerstones released. If I reach the top #100 in Powerstone Rankings, then I will release 3 BONUS CHAPTERS ___ [Privilege] If you have purchased Privilege, you will get a special [PRIVILEGE READER] rank on my Discord ___ To redeem these rewards, joining my discord is a MUST! Bonuses will be fulfilled within 1-2 days. ** Note: Joining discord is compulsory! https://discord.gg/T395tt4HUU *Rewards will be given in the discord server! Good luck to all participants! You can ping any admin/me in the server if you have any queries! Please continue supporting this novel with your power stones! I am waiting for your participation in this event.