My New Life in the Kingdom of Wolves

Eighteen year old Addie hates her life. She's been in a wheelchair since she was a little girl. She's felt like a burden on her family and dreams of a life like the ones she's only read about. So, when she finds herself reborn in another world with all the memories of her previous life, she embraces this new opportunity. She's finally healthy, she's finally strong. She can finally feel alive. However, when she's thirteen a debt is incurred that may change her new life forever. One that they won't know the repercussions of until she once again turns eighteen. When that debt is called upon, and the payment must be made, Addie finds herself living in the Kingdom of the Werewolves. She must now figure out how to get home and why her new life is different than that of all the other humans in this world. And on top of that, she has found herself in the sight of the Werewolf King. What is it that he wants from her? What is it that he has planned when he summons her to the castle and forces her to live there? Follow along with Addie as she learns how to navigate in this new world of hers and as she discovers just what it is that makes her different from all the rest. ************ WARNINGS ************ ADULT LANGUAGE SUGGESTIVE SITUATIONS SLAVERY VIOLENCE NOTE THE COVER ART IS NOT MY OWN ALL CHARACTERS AND SITUATIONS IN THIS STORY ARE COMPLETELY FICTIONAL AND ARE WORKS WRITTEN BY DENI CHANCE. THIS BOOK IS SOLELY POSTED ON WEBNOVEL AND CHEREADS AND SHOULD NOT APPEAR ANYWHERE ELSE. Contact me at any of the following- https://www.deni-verse.com/, https://www.instagram.com/dcinmi87/, https://twitter.com/DCinMI, https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100070561061763

Deni_Chance · Fantasy
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Chapter 33- Addie – Honeymoon Part 5 Volume 4


Nolan and I were enjoying our time here in the woods. It was just the two of us, so things were peaceful and quiet. I knew it couldn't last forever, but I wanted to enjoy this time while I was here. I'd use these memories in the future when I needed to think of a happier time and place.

That first night there, after our passionate time in the clearing next to the water, Nolan and I just relaxed and talked. We talked about everything that we could think about and more. Life and what we wanted for the future. The past, and how it was going to influence the way we moved forward together. What our plans were from here on out. All of it. And even after hours of talking, I wasn't bored. I could still talk to him for hours longer because I loved him and everything he had to say.