206 Approaching Threat 2


Vanderby, Linc and Estra set out on their journey towards Losla.

Their supplies were half-filled so they could maintain a moderate pace, though if they saw any animals crossing their paths it would certainly be their next meal.

“So what do you think he did? To attract a bounty this large?” Linc asked.

Vanderby answered, “No clue. Someone that far out probably has zero chance of offending a royal; most of them have probably never even heard of Eevulen.”

“Whatever it is, I don't want to know.” Estra said.

As they walked out of Eevulen, they noted many others buying supplies despite the high prices. Obviously, other hopeful young adventurers had the same idea.

A normal bounty would only be a few thousand gold at most - it depended who they pissed off - but even then, they were to be brought in alive, which raised the difficulty of such missions. The bounty would also, usually, be quite a high level.

This however was a unique opportunity.


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