My Mother Told Me

MC known from my other novel, thanks to the joke of God Weles, is reborn in the times of the Vikings ... the Vikings series. Here, more than the previous novel, I will focus on beliefs, demons and Slavic traditions. The MC will have his powers and knowledge ... Of course, there will also be a lot of focus on the history ... Unfortunately, the creators of the series made some mistakes that I do not intend to correct ... like Rollo was not Ragnar's brother ... and Ivar, instead of being a cripple, could be impotent. If there are any reviews, let them be honest, it's a pity that someone would waste time on something that is not to their liking. MC is not a good man, he is a murderer, sadist, manipulator and womanizer. This novel has no safe spaces, so anyone who gets offended ... I don't give a shit. Chapters will appear not too often. The Commonwealth remains my main focus.

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I don't like explaining my actions to anyone, but even a bit of courtesy applies to me.

Hiatus is caused by a lack of time and willingness to write. MMTM will come back once I finish writing CCA or sooner ... I'll see how it all works out.