59 Victory Over That Adulterous Couple!

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Lin Qianyi felt rather exhilarated at Father Xia's meekness.

This person would always bully her mother every time she went back to the Xia Family residence. Even though her mother was no easy target.

Wouldn't it be a waste if she didn't make full use of this rare opportunity to seek revenge?

Lin Qianyi grinned at Father Xia but kept silent. She just gazed at him until Father Xia felt extremely uncomfortable.

She stared at him with that smile for a whole five minutes before opening her mouth magnanimously.

"My mother always taught me to be magnanimous. Since you have acknowledged your wrongdoings, I will forgive you."

Lin Qianyi looked at Father Xia as she spoke. Without waiting for him to respond, she continued, "I will be generous this time, but… I can't guarantee it next time."

Lin Qianyi continued to smile, looking very harmless.

But her words were full of threat!

After admiring the change in Father Xia's face, Lin Qianyi finally shifted her eyes toward the pallid-faced Xia Baizhi.

Her intentions were clear.

Everyone's eyes followed Lin Qianyi's line of sight to look at today's lead character: Xia Baizhi.

Xia Baizhi remained unmoving, but Lin Qianyi was in no hurry.

Sensing the tense atmosphere, Father Xia quickly shot his daughter a look.

He didn't want her petty tantrums to undo all his efforts to gain control over the Xia Corporation.

As much as she hated Lin Qianyi, Xia Baizhi still lowered her head and apologized in front of everyone.

After she apologized, it was Jiang Yijie, Yao Sisi, and Zhang Xuezhen's turn.

One by one, they all suppressed their rage and bowed down their arrogant heads to apologize to Lin Qianyi.

Even the middle-aged man whom Father Xia had dragged out to be an eye-witness had to apologize.

Meanwhile, Su Xiaoqing was secretly filming the entire proceedings.

Of course, she only focused the camera on those apologizing. She had no wish to bring trouble to her best friend.

After all that commotion, things finally returned to calm.

"Why are you here?"

Lin Qianyi glanced sideways at Fourth Master as they walked to the parking lot.

Di Yanmo was about to speak when a loud voice cut in.

"Of course it was because I told my brother and asked him to come. So, Sister-in-law, did I do good this time?"

Di Yanfeng scurried over to Lin Qianyi's side, smiling radiantly at her.

Lin Qianyi couldn't help feeling amused at his eagerness.

"Mmm, well done. You deserve a reward."

Lin Qianyi nodded with a smile.

"What reward? What reward? Can I choose what I want?"

Di Yanfeng's eyes shone with delight at the mention of a reward.

She gave him a brilliant smile. Right in front of his expectant expression, she heartlessly said, "No."

His face instantly fell.

"My good sister-in-law, just let me choose, please?"

His eyes glittered as he gazed pitifully at his sister-in-law.

In Di Yanfeng's opinion, there was no shame in acting cute!

In order to get a reward from his sister-in-law, he was willing to do it!

Lin Qianyi's smile widened as she looked at Di Yanfeng's puppy-dog manner.

If people on the outside knew that the great CEO of Imperial Entertainment behaved like this, their eyes would pop out in shock!

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