My Man’s Reputation Is Ruined Again Book

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My Man’s Reputation Is Ruined Again

Mo Qianyi

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He is the invisible king of City A who detests physical intimacy with anyone—anyone but her. A fight occurs one day. “My dear Fourth Master, I did wrong.” The girl whimpers pitifully. “What did you do wrong?” Fourth Master glances at her. “I shouldn’t have gotten into a fight,” the girl replies weakly. “Did you win?” Fourth Master asks. “I did.” The girl gives a brilliant smile. “Mmm, not bad.” Fourth Master pats her head encouragingly. She taught that adulterous couple a lesson. “Are you in pain?” Fourth Master kisses her hand lightly. “A little.” The girl resumes her pitiful expression. “In the future, use your feet and remember to wear shoes. If you can’t overcome them, just call me.” Fourth Master strokes her head as he comforts her lovingly.