54 The Almighty Dear Fourth Master

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Yu Dacheng had addressed Di Yanmo as "Mister" instead of "CEO Di" because he knew that Di Yanmo didn't like to expose his identity.

Thus, as they were at a crowded place, he addressed Di Yanmo as "Mister."

Just then, Di Yanmo turned his icy cold glance towards him.

After staring at him briefly, he glanced towards Yan Yi beside him.

Yan Yi instantly got it.

He naturally heard Lin Qianyi's words just now.

Under Di Yanmo's icy cold glance, Yu Dacheng, upon detecting Di Yanmo's intentions, immediately looked at Yan Yi hopefully.

He knew that Yan Yi's words represented Di Yanmo.

"Boss means to clear Miss Lin's name. Also, everyone that maligned Miss Lin just now has to apologize to her one by one."

Under Yu Dacheng's hopeful gaze, Yan Yi glanced past him and said expressionlessly.

However, if one looked closely, he could see the slight tinge of disdain in Yan Yi's eyes.

A mere deputy chief of police actually dared to be rude to his boss—he simply didn't know what was good for him!

It went without saying that someone like this must have gotten to his position through connections.

As for whose connections… Yan Yi's cold and harsh gaze swept past Yu Dacheng once again.

Yu Dacheng was immediately frightened by his gaze and felt even more uneasy.

"Yes, yes, we'll definitely clear Miss Lin's name. As for the others, since they've done something wrong, it's only right that they apologize to Miss Lin."

Yu Dacheng nodded profusely.

Then, he looked towards Deputy Chief Ou and said with a stern face, "Quick, go. Investigate and clear Miss Lin's name as soon as possible!"

Although Deputy Chief Ou had gotten to his position by connections, he was still slightly capable on his own.

Seeing the hint in Yu Dacheng's eyes, he immediately turned serious and expressed that he would definitely clear things up.

On the side, the people from the Xia Family looked awful.

Father Xia couldn't have expected that the person he had summoned actually turned his head against him.

Didn't he obviously strike himself in the foot?!

Father Xia looked towards Deputy Chief Ou with an awful expression, but Deputy Chief Ou purposely ignored him.

Father Xia's face darkened further. However, he also knew that he had really offended the wrong person this time.

Because, Yu Dacheng was the CEO of one of the top 10 corporations in City A—even this Sea City Hotel was under him.

To the Yu Corporation, the Xia Family was simply nothing.

Among the wealthy and influential families in City A, the Xia Family was merely at the fringe of the group.

And the Yu Family was truly influential in City A!

And this influential Yu Family that even he was wary of just had to be so respectful and cautious towards that cool man.

Even if Father Xia was an idiot, he would know that the man was definitely not a simple figure.

However, although Father Xia realized the stakes at hand, Mother Xia, who had always been arrogant, wasn't so clear-headed.

Seeing that Deputy Chief Ou turned his coat, Mother Xia looked awful, and, feeling all sorts of glances from the curious onlookers around, she became even more enraged.

Thus, the angry Mother Xia pointed at Deputy Chief Ou and scolded relentlessly.

"Deputy Chief Ou! That wasn't what you said just now, why have you suddenly turned your coat?! To think that our Xia Family has always shared our advantages with you, how can you just desert us after making use of us?! It can't be that you've taken advantage of everything and now you can't even help our Xia Family out for this small matter?!"

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