My Lift As A Top Star In A Book Book

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My Lift As A Top Star In A Book

Full of Apricot Blossoms

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When she regained consciousness, Qin Nuan realized she had transmigrated as the tragic female lead of a romance novel. Faced with the fate of being bullied by the wicked second female lead and the heartless male lead, Qin Nuan laughed coldly. She was now a female lead who held the completed script in her hand. Did someone say she was hopelessly in love, a stupid and naive woman and an actress with lousy acting chops? She was going to wave the male lead farewell, thrash the second female lead and get that coveted Best Actress award! The most popular young actress declares, "Sister Nuan is a sister of mine!" A well-loved singer claims, "Sister Nuan is my Daddy!" The Qin father and son, as well as her 80 million fans exclaim, "Sister Nuan is my precious!" At the same time, one random user quietly puts up a post: Sister Nuan is my darling! The paparazzi immediately smell a rat! #qinnuaninlove #qinnuanboyfriend start trending on the same day. Just after receiving the Best New Actress award, Qin Nuan walks offstage and is surrounded by reporters. "Miss Qin, is your boyfriend the CEO of Li Group?" "Miss Qin, are you together with the God of Singers?" But Qin Nuan just smiles charmingly at the reporters' questions and dispels all rumors with just one statement. "What's the point of having a man? He will only affect the speed at which I unsheath my sword." That very night, Qin Nuan gets pressed against the blankets by the actor who's swept all the top awards in the industry. He bites her ear and orders her, "You are making us official. RIGHT NOW." The next day, Qin Nuan massages her waist miserably as she puts up a post: Men will only affect the speed at which I unsheath my sword, so...I threw the sword away."