My Life As Kakashi In MHA

Formally known as: "Reincarnated as Kakashi in a MHA Universe" Status: Currently on hold Reason: A lot of stuff are happening irl I'm currently trying to focus on that. So only when I'm free or not mentally exhausted I'll start continuing again bit by bit but till then please be patient Martin lived his usual life happily until he died of unknown circumstances and has the option to go to heaven or reincarnate into a random world with his memories intact. God as and apology let him choose how he wants to look alike and at the last minute he said that power in the next world also will be given to him randomly and wished him good luck. After he woke up he saw a white haired woman holding him in her arms and says "Hello there little Kakashi I hope you're feeling well." while a nurse came in and said "Here's your meal Mrs Hatake and then come to get checked." At that moment he realized that he was reincarnated as Kakashi Hatake. ____________________________________________ There are a couple of other Naruto characters there but not much unless the majority requests to add more. It starts as sort of like 'slice of life' genre but when the story progresses enough there will be action too. I'm pretty new to this and English isn't my first language so if you see a word written wrong or in wrong form please inform me please. I recommend to read the first arc before you guys review cause first 2 chapters are for his sort of backstory and then childhood until chapter 10. And no this will not start OP or become instantly OP after a few days of training. Also the cover isn't mine either it's created by WIZYAKUZA originally Anyways guys enjoy ^•^

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The White Haired Man and a New Day 3

After some time when I calmed down and was not nervous anymore my new mother came back from her health checks and went straight to me.

"Hello little pumpkin I hope you weren't lonely while I was gone."

She then picked me up laid down on her bed and smiled with her most heartwarming motherly smile I ever seen or felt and after that she proceeded to hug me tightly. To put it simply this felt amazing not gonna lie. It felt like all my worries and stress got destroyed by her smile alone and the hugging almost killed me from happiness and love that I felt on that moment.

While all of this was happening the door opened and a man with white hair came in with roses then proceeded to come near my new mother. He kissed her and then put all of the roses to an empty vase on the windowsill and said this quietly to my new mother.

"Hello honey how are you feeling? Is everything alright?"

"Don't worry everything's alright and I'm feeling amazing right now."

He then sighed out of relief and proceeded to talk.

"So that means he's our newborn son right?"

"Of course he is. Can't you tell this by his eyes?" She said while pouting.

"When you say that his eyes really looks like mine after all. I just still can not believe that I'm a father."

"You'll get used to it."

"Come on can you show me at least some sympathy."

While they were chatting I was thinking was this Sakumo or just someone else cause you'll never know how this works. I mean even God doesn't know everything. If he does then how come he didn't know more about my death?

After some chatting the man came next to me, lifted me, started smiling and then proceeded talking.

"Welcome to our family Kakashi. I hope we aren't to boring for you."

Then he started playing with me sort of and started talking with me for about 10 minutes until mom said something.

"Alright Sakumo put him down. He looks like he will fall asleep any minute now."

"Okay okay Emiko you don't have to be so harsh you know."

"Maybe... Maybe not who knows?" She said jokingly.

After talking he carried me next to new mother and then he proceeded to lay me down next to my mother. He then said goodbye to us and left. When I was laid down I immediately fell asleep while hugging my new mother Emiko.


The Next Day

After waking up i see a weird woman holding me tight with an happy expression on her face.

'So yesterday wasn't a dream huh.'

When I started feeling not sleepy anymore I started to remember what happened yesterday.

'Oh...right. So I died yesterday I think and got reincarnated. After that I was reincarnated as Kakashi Hatake and my parents are Sakumo Hatake and Emiko Hatake. With that I should be in Naruto world but then why does this room have a flat screen TV in the room? It doesn't make sense if I'm at Naruto world. So that means either this is alternate Naruto world or this is another world but so far I have no more clues about this than this flat screen TV or at least I think this is TV.'

After some time my mother wakes up and greets me.

"Good morning Kakashi. Have you slept well?" I tried to at least smile or giggle to show yes and all I could manage was a small giggle nothing more.

After this a nurse came in and placed food for my mom near her and then she left.

After eating my mom took more comfortable position and started breastfeeding me. I was so stunned by this action that my mind froze because I have not yet realized that this was now a baby and needed breastfeeding couple of times everyday for around the next 3 years.

After the so called "breakfast" ended Mom turned on TV and started watching news.

"...This morning 2 criminals with needle and kitchen knife manipulation qiurks were arrested for vandalism, illegal quirk usage in public and threatening to kill civilians..."

'wait...quirks? Isn't it that only in MHA that quirks exist? Cause I don't think there are any other place where people call powers as quirks. Doesn't this mean that I will have one as well? Well I hope that my quirk is either Chakra or Sharingan but I guess only time will tell.'

While I was thinking about that two people came in. They look like mothers parents but the old man has black short hair with with a lot of grey hair strands on his head but the old woman looked exactly like my mother just a lot older and with grey hair that touched her shoulders and then she began to speak to my mother right afterwards.