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My King System


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Check out my new novel "Hero Cultivation"! _________________________________________ A weak to strong novel which explores the different themes of human emotion and how they react when they clash. An average human child was given all the power anyone could wish for through sheer luck. Instead of wishing for paradise or happiness, he chose reincarnation into a video game-like world. Creating a world in which only he knows information about, Yuki enters countless battles with both monsters and humans as he crushes their hopes and dreams to help himself achieve his own. My King System is an action packed novel where emotions are manipulated are manipulated by force. Conflicting ideologies are forced into contact where all reason is lost. _____________________________________________________ Author suggestions: -The first 5 chapters act as a prologue to the events which follow later on -The first 5 chapters might cause you to feel extreme anger towards the characters so while reading, imagine the events that take place from the character's perspective (this includes their age and thought process) -Going back to the previous point, please pay close attention to the characters age and environment they are in as it heavily influences their actions -The previous 3 suggestions only apply to the first 5 chapters -Once you've passed the first 5 chapters, you can enjoy the new world in which Yuki releases all his built up emotions freely _____________________________________________________ In conclusion, this is a story about an overpowered main character that has to compete with the entire world as they also try to get overpowered. _____________________________________________________ Apologies in advance if some of the synopsis didn't make much sense. Once you start reading the novel, everything will come together. _____________________________________________________ Enjoy!


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