257 CH-257 The Chip.

He looked into her eyes, "But you also have to understand that I am a man and I also have physical needs." Hearing this, Raina looked into his eyes and fear appeared in her eyes.

"Hey..." Max immediately cupped her face with one hand. "You don't have to fear because I will be faithful to you until I die. I just wanted to say that...." He put his hand on his neck and started scratching, "That if I cross the limit a little, don't let yourself feel embarrassed and never be sad." And he immediately winked at Raina.

"You, a bad egg." Raina hit playfully on his shoulder.

"Hey princess, don't bad-mouthing." He said giving her a little warning.

"Okay, I will not." She wrapped her both arms around his neck. She was convinced by what he was saying now. In fact, she also sometimes enjoyed his intimate touch in which he follows the steps after the kiss.


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