My Husband is My Professor and Boss Book

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My Husband is My Professor and Boss


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* Editing and Uploading :- Ongoing * 18 years old very beautiful, brilliant & lovely teenager girl Avery. She is in her graduation's first year. Everything was going fine but suddenly one day something happens that changed her whole world. She suddenly becomes the wife of a young CEO. A Heartless, Ruthless business Tycoon young man. Let's see how she is able to play three characters simultaneously in her life. ***** Declaration. This story is completely fictional and if there is any connection to any place or person then it's just a coincidence. That's why do not take it to your heart because it's written for entertainment purpose. characters name, location name is truly base on an author's imagination so please don't take seriously. ***** Warning. The female lead in this story is weak. This story is full of suspense. This story has twists and turns so it requires patience. The important thing is that this story is under Editing so you can't expect 100 percent correct grammar. You are being told before you read and criticize. If anyone wants strictly 100 percent correct grammar, they should not read this novel and criticize the author. ***** Discord link:- https://discord.gg/E7ytgtA

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