The dense forest blocked the sunlight as the air hung hot and humid.

The girl's clothes were stuck to her skin, wet from sweat. But those weren't the only things clinging to her. A python with shiny black scales was wrapped tightly around her body - from her arms, her slender waist, and then to her slender and beautiful legs.

As the python slowly tightened its grip, the young girl's face flushed with a strange redness. Her cherry lips slightly opened and she let out a delicate moan.


Ning Yao tightened her legs as she lay in bed. Her breathing was rapid before she suddenly woke up from her sleep.

Why was she having this dream again?

Her body still felt the climax from her dream, the area between her legs feeling wet.

This was too shameful!

Ning Yao stood up and washed her face with cold water. She looked at the time and realized that it was only six o'clock. There were still three hours before the interview at Glory World Corporation.

Ning Yao was in her third year of university this year. In order to get her internship credits, she had been preparing for to get an internship this semester. It was also to prepare for her future plans.

Glory World Corporation was Jianghai city's leading company. The year before last, it acquired one of the internet giants and its development momentum had been moving at a terrifying pace ever since.

According to her seniors, Glory World Corporation's overall strength was no worse than some of the older listed companies.

If she could intern at Glory World, she would definitely be able to learn a lot of useful things.

Since Ning Yao could not fall back asleep, she took out a small mirror and started to put on her makeup.

Although Ning Yao kept a low profile at school, she had always been known as the 'first-love goddess' by the boys since her first year in university due to her pure and innocent face.

Since she was interviewing with Glory World Corporation, Ning Yao had put on a mature look.

She used her eyeliner to draw an upward arc at the end of her eyes, making her cat-like eyes look charming and seductive.

Maturity and capability replaced the cuteness Ning Yao's face usually portrayed.

After applying a red velvet matte lipstick, Ning Yao changed into a work suit outfit. Although the style of the suit was very conservative, her full chest made her look very attractive in the outfit.

With a deep breath, Ning Yao did her best to give herself some encouragement and confidence before the interview.

During her ride in the subway to the business district where every inch of land was worth its weight in gold, all she could see were well-dressed office workers. From time to time, she would catch whiffs of all kinds of famous perfumes.

She eventually arrived at her stop and got off. Everyone around her moved in a hurry as they solemnly looked straight ahead.

'So, this is the life of an office worker...' Ning Yao snapped out of her daze and looked at the towering commercial building she was about to enter. She began to feel nervous.

Glory World Corporation was not only famous for its company. It was widely rumored that Glory World's President, Clarence not only had a peerless face that could crush the entertainment industry, but his temperament was also as cold and abstinent as an iceberg.

Moreover, she heard that this President of Glory World never got close to women or had a single woman as his partner.

Could he be... Ning Yao couldn't help imagining all the possible reasons for the lack of women around the President.

"Ning Yao." The moment she heard her name, she snapped out of her scandalous thoughts. She tidied up her appearance and walked into the President's office with her head held high.

The position she was interviewing for today was the position of Assistant to the President, so the person interviewing her was the legendary ice-cold President.

Ning Yao had originally thought that rumors were simply that and nothing more than gossip.

After all, she was also a fan of celebrities, and it wasn't like she had never seen handsome guys before.

However, the moment she saw Clarence, she was stunned.

Was there really such a good-looking man in the world?

He had a sharp nose that made him look Eurasian, thick, black, and flamboyantly wild eyebrows, a pair of emotionless phoenix-like eyes that seemed to be tired of the world, and black eyes that had a hint of dark gold.

At this moment, Clarence's entire body was bathed in sunlight but he still exuded a fearsome coldness.

The moment she saw the man, Ning Yao felt as if a gust of cold wind had blown through her heart.

After a long time, she realized that she must have been moved by the sight of him.

The man looked up and their eyes met. Ning Yao's body tensed up. She felt like she was being hunted.

Clarence had smelled it the moment Ning Yao entered the room.

A sweet and fragrant floral fragrance mixed with the sweet smell of her blood made his blood boil.

His Adam's apple trembled slightly, and the distant memories in his mind became clear.

Was it her?

Ning Yao quickly recovered from her daze and calmly introduced herself. "My name is Ning Yao. I graduated from..."

Clarence waved his hand lazily, interrupting her introduction. Only then did Ning Yao notice that the man was already holding her resume.

She immediately became nervous.

She had just heard a few other interviewers talking after their session with him earlier. Some of them were from Ivy League schools, some were veterans who had been jumping between big companies, and some were high achievers...

Although she was a top student at Imperial National University, she had no work experience. A big company like Glory World had no need to choose a newcomer like her.

Still, Ning Yao didn't want to give up such a good opportunity. She wanted to take the challenge and talk about her competitive advantage. But Clarence simply threw her resume onto the table.

Ning Yao's heart sank and her eyes started to turn red. Was she that bad?

This was her first interview ever and Ning Yao felt very sad to have suffered such a big blow.

Clarence did not expect Ning Yao's eyes to turn red all of a sudden. It reminded him of the little girl in his memory, who had also looked at him with red eyes.

"Mr. Snake, I'm so cold and hungry."

The crisp and soft child's voice trembled with complaint before she burst into tears.

This made the snake, who was originally planning to eat the little girl as dinner, a little lost for words.

Was she taking the first strike?

He had been foraging for food in the forest when he was suddenly attracted by the fragrance of her blood. Then, he found this little girl who seemed to have lost her way.

The little girl's body exuded an alluring fragrance that surprised him. Since it just so happened that he was injured, preventing him from transforming, the little girl's blood would be a great supplement for him.

He immediately opened his mouth and prepared to swallow the little girl only for his meal to unexpectedly tell him that she was hungry.

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