My Hollywood Ex Boyfriend Wants Me Back Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

My Hollywood Ex Boyfriend Wants Me Back


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KELLY: Crash is rich, famous, handsome, and he used to be mine. He convinced me he loved me, took my virginity, then he disappeared. No explanation. Only empty excuses. Now he's suddenly back. Does he really think I’m still that gullible girl he left a year ago? CRASH: Kelly is the love of my life. A year ago I lied to her--but it was to protect her. Now I know, I can't live without her. If I can just convince her to forgive me, maybe I can trust her with the real reasons we had to break up. When Kelly learns the real reason Crash broke up with her, will she forgive him? And even if she does, can their love survive the shark-infested waters of the music industry that almost destroyed them once before? CONTENT WARNING: Language, sexual situations, and sexual assault. Cover Image is copyright (c) 2022 AimeeLynn


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