My Hero Academia: Generator Rex

A man responsible for the destruction of the world died and gets reincarnated to save a world with the powers of Generator Rex. A world filled with quirks is slowly dying. Can new Rex save this world?? Disclaimer: I don’t own any character in this fanfic. Generator Rex is an American animated science fiction television series created by Man of Action, maker of Ben 10 For advance chapters or support me here: https://www.patreon.com/J_Titan

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Chapter 40 Aftermath

Who thought that a normal looking training day for young heroes would become a disaster for a young hero?

U.A Academy is now swarming with arms forces that were guarding the academy. It had already been three hours when Rex was admitted to the UA hospital. Hero 13 was also injured but she was alive and was resting.

Students of class 1A were also waiting for doctors to announce the result of the operation. Some had wet eyes while others were praying for their class representative/friend to stay alive.

They all saw that. They were able to witness how bravely their friend acted when they were in danger. He was the one who sensed the villain first. He was also able to give commands accurately to make sure his classmates remain safe. He was the one who sent Tenya first to ask for help. He was the one who saved their sensei. In the end, he put his line on the line.

Bakugo was looking outside of the window as to hide his face. He saw the true horror of being the hero. He hated Rex for his ability to grasp the situation. He hated Rex more than Midoriya and considered Rex his rival.

'Damn you, robot face. I still have to beat you so don't you freaking die, you tin can!!' Bakugo thought and clenched his fist.

Kirishima glanced at Bakugo and smiled slightly. He looked at his hands which were still shaking. He who trained to be a hero was shaking like this again. When he saw his friend receiving a killing blow, he stopped thinking of becoming the hero. But he won't be stopping now that his friend was hanging on a string of life and death.

Hagakure, Asui, Mina were dozing after crying for a while. Midoriya was sitting with skinny All Might as no one can identify him. Uraraka was also teary and was waiting for doctors to tell the condition.

'It's all my fault. If I didn't neglect my responsibility, if only I arrive on time, if only… They came after me and someone else paid the price. How am I going to face Bisha?' All Might, now Toshinori was thinking with his head down.

Midoriya also sensed his depression and looked at his fingers which were now healed. He knew that he was too close to the fight but before he could move to save Aizawa, Rex came at lightning speed and saved him. He felt like a burden…

Aizawa along with principal Nezu was also waiting for the final result. Aizawa was grateful for Rex for saving his life but he thought that Rex's move was reckless. But he thought if he was in Rex's position, he would have done the same.

Midoriya and others were very close to his position. Rex should have noticed them and protected them instead but he knew that Nomu and Shigaraki would have sensed them and attacked them. In that case, Rex has to fight Nomu and Shigaraki while protecting his friends. Even he himself would have become a burden with his injury. He just hoped that Rex somehow made it alive.

Nezu also was feeling ashamed as the safety of students came under him yet he neglected it. He didn't consider the possibility of danger. He hoped that Bisha will not destroy U.A. if possible. He also contracted the best doctors and healers around Japan and was considering contracting some of his foreign friends.

Todoroki was silently looking at the gate where the operation was still going on. He spent less time with Rex but he considered Rex his rival. Both of them were sons of ranked 2nd ranked hero and have powerful quirks yet so far apart. He felt envious of Rex who is so perfect that he can't help but admire Rex.

Momo's head was still down with dark spots under her eyes from crying continuously. Her hands were tightly closed and she was praying continuously for Rex. She felt useless for not doing anything for Rex. Not only her but all of them were thinking the same.

"Momo, please eat something. At least drink some juice. You were using your quirk. It will harm your body." Aiko said to her daughter. She was also emotional but as a mother, she has to remain calm.

Momo didn't answer and continued to pray for Rex. Eventually, everyone comes to know Momo and Rex's relationship to some extent because of Aiko who came as Rex's mother-in-law.

Kyoka was also sitting with Momo with the same face. Every time she spent with Rex was started to replay in front of her. From his dirty jokes, making fun of others, his songs, she enjoyed every time she spent with Rex.

Suddenly, the gate opened and doctors came out. Everyone surrounded the doctors in hurry and started to ask the questions.

"Is Rex alive?"

"How is he, doctor?!"

"Please tell us that he will be fine!"

Every single one of them started to ask questions until Aizawa came forward and said, "All of you back of a little and let me ask!" Aizawa said and all of them nodded. Aizawa then turned to the doctor and asked, "How is he?"

"Sigh* He is at least alive for time being." The doctor said and everyone gasped. "We don't know how he is alive as the bullet pierced his brain. We didn't do anything since he was healing himself. It is like his body was working itself. As for his arm, I am sorry but we were not able to attach it back. The cut from where his arm was severed, was healed before we could attach it back and his arm seems to pick rust because of his metal related quirk.

All in all, he is in a brain dead situation and only his heart is working to sustain his life. We did our best. When he decided to wake, is up to him. That's all." Saying this, doctors left.

Recovery Girl also came out with a disappointed look. She was just there to observe the treatment only. Her powers only speed up the healing process of the patient and not healing them completely. She can't use her quirk on Rex since he was wounded with a mortal wound who had lost much blood in the past few hours.

"Okay, kids. I know you must be worried but it is time for you to go except for a few. I will inform his condition in class so don't need to worry." Aizawa said.

All of them reluctantly nodded and started to left the school ground. They had fear, disappointment, and despair on their faces. They protested against the school but Aizawa told them that it was a very normal occurrence for hero students to face villains and they are heroes, not civilians. They will face these kinds of the situation all the times. Except for Kyoka and Momo, all of them left.

"Damn, I can't believe he lost his career before it even begins," Kirishima said with teary eyes.

All of them can't even refute him since he was right. Rex was now disabled who doesn't have the chance to become the hero again.

"He didn't lose anything. Rex will be fine."

They heard a feminine voice and what they saw widened their eyes.

She had long blond hair, purple eyes, and a tall goddess-like figure. She was wearing a black long coat and pants with long boots. She was followed by two girls. One with dark purple hair was wearing a maid outfit while the other one with blond hair was wearing an office worker outfit.

She was no other than Bisha Kinzoku.

"You guys must be Rex's friend, right? You all don't have to worry since he will be fine." Bisha said with a smile.

All of them were stunned looking at her. She had a beauty like none other with similar purple eyes as Rex. She was also surrounded by a majestic aura, they can't help but bow to her slightly.

Bisha smiled at their stunned faces and left. When Bisha was gone, they were snapped out of their thoughts.

"Is she really the Rex mother?" Kaminari said. All of them had the same thoughts.


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