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My Hero Academia: A Hero's Will (COMPLETED)


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Born with a unique quirk, Midoriya Izuku strives to become a hero. ××××××× That's it. That's the synopsis.... Don't look at me like that! ...Alright keep staring, I don't care anyway. Well, since Midoriya has a quirk, he will be a bit (more than a bit) OC in terms of his character. He'll be strong, and more than a little OP so, don't complain as I have warned you here. Don't expect a wimpy stuttering mess of an MC in this story. I might make it a harem or keep it a nice and simple relation between MC and a girl (Don't even think I'll add yaoi in this, or any of my stories). Also, there will be no genderbend like in my previous work, so, all those genderbend haters, breath a sigh of relief. No female Bakugou and stuff. About the language, yeah I will be pretty loose while using appropriate language for ceratin people or certain situations. Alright, make this an almost completely OC Midoriya fic.. I don't own My Hero Academia or any of its characters. I own nothing in this fanfiction.


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