185 Chapter 185: All For Him


...is the Circle."

Both Sarah and Andrea's eyes could not help but look back and forth between Hans' finger and Evangeline, who was still floating in the air. Suffice to say, the confusion on their faces was evident.

"You mean… she's from the Circle?" Sarah muttered. Although her grandfather being the one who created the Rebel group shocked her, her mind was still busy processing what Hans' just said.

"No, I meant what I meant," Hans' shook his head, "She is the Circle."

"I… don't get what you're saying. Was she the leader of the Circle?" Sarah let out a long and deep sigh, "Please stop being vague, we can't all read minds as you do."

"Hm. Maybe it's more fitting to say that the Circle was created around her as the center," Hans rolled his mustache as he looked Sarah straight in the eyes, "Your grandfather was rumored to be the 1st System Holder in this country…


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