My Gene System

In the current year, scientists in America succeeded to transfer the monster's genes into the normal body of humans. Just to stop the monsters from invading the world. "Mutant" was called to a normal person who decided to accept the monster's genes. Being a mutant will grant you an exceptional power that the ordinary human couldn't do. Riku Hirota, his the son of the wealthy businessman Akio Hirota. At the age of five, Riku was decided to become a mutant to take back his mother. In his awakening, something had happened that caused him to transmigrate to the other world. Where he could experience that he never experienced in his entire life. What will you do if you receive the monster's genes? And this gene could copy other genes? ****** Tags: Dungeon, Evolution, Sword and Magic, Monsters, Adventure, Action, Late romance, War, Another World. ****** The photo is not mine, I just found it on google.

Jigx · Fantasy
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176 Chs

Fight Inside The Body

Master Akio's head swayed slowly, resolute in his decision not to depart even if his son were to awaken. "No, I cannot bring myself to leave my son's side while he remains in this state. The prospect of something untoward transpiring while I slumber is inconceivable."

His reaction was entirely anticipated, emblematic of a father's devotion. Despite being engrossed in global business affairs, his affection for his son eclipsed all else.

What ordinary people yearn for...

"I comprehend, Master Akio. Should you require anything, please do not hesitate to reach out," Haru conceded, refraining from pressing the issue. He recognized the limitations of his role, understanding that even substantial wealth couldn't surmount certain circumstances.

His attention then diverted to a blonde woman hastening their way, an entourage of burly guards in black attire and sunglasses surrounding her.

"Master Akio, Riku's fiancée has arrived," Haru informed, his gaze fixed on the woman's approach.

Her name was Yui Sano. Possessing blonde-brown curly hair, blue eyes, an angelic countenance, and standing at 168 centimeters, she exuded an allure bolstered by her well-endowed figure. Hailing from the affluent Sano family, she was a member of the upper echelons of society.

Conversely, Haru was privy to the fact that their bond was unrequited, a consequence of the arranged marriage orchestrated by their respective families. Despite this, Haru couldn't negate the truth that Yui was a compassionate soul.

Meanwhile, Yui's concern for Riku was a solitary flame amidst the backdrop of obligatory union. This dynamic stemmed from the binding contract between their families.

"Father Akio! Where is Riku?! What has transpired?" Yui's inquiry was immediate upon spotting Riku's father.

"R-Riku endeavored to activate his genes... Yet, a powerful electric surge jolted him," Akio elucidated, his tone laden with desolation.

Upon absorbing the news of Riku's condition, Yui shifted her gaze towards the door, her eyes brimming with unshed tears that eventually traced their path down her cheeks.

Riku's body bore the evidence of wounds akin to knife gashes, alongside areas subjected to the scorching impact of an enigmatic electricity.

"What have the doctors conveyed? When can we expect him to regain consciousness?" Yui's barrage of questions persisted, her genuine concern for Riku evident.

Yet, her distress escalated to the point where she attempted to enter the room. Haru swiftly intervened, blocking her path for reasons known only to him.

"What is the meaning of this, Haru?! Did you not witness? I must go in! Riku requires my presence!" She vented her frustration in a tirade directed at Haru.

Haru empathized with the intense sentiments that had gripped Yui and her family. However, he remained resolute in barring her entry to the room.

"I apologize for this, Lady Yui, but I implore you to recognize the prevailing circumstances. The medical professionals have stipulated that only those directly involved can access the room," he conveyed with politeness.

Yui brushed away her tears, her resolve palpable. "What absurdity is this? Riku needs someone by his side, and I am that person." Her tone escalated, her voice resounding through the corridor without reservation.

Haru's head moved in a slow shake, his countenance marked by a blend of concern and anxiety. "I comprehend your concern, Lady Yui. However, the current dilemma is that Master Riku's state is precarious. His body is marred by open wounds, and our foremost priority is to prevent the potential transfer of the monster's gene that you possess. Were such an occurrence to transpire, the situation could exacerbate."

He expounded, though their grounds for this caution were tentative. The objective was merely to exercise prudence, considering the circumstances surrounding his awakening.

Overcome with emotion, Yui succumbed to tears and enveloped Haru in a tight embrace, finding solace in his presence even as she grappled with her inability to aid her fiancé.

"Please refrain from distress, Lady Yui. I am confident that Master Riku possesses the resilience to weather this ordeal. Maintain your composure, and I trust that all shall eventually be well," Haru reassured her with a tone of reassurance.

Following 12 hours of vigilant vigilance before the patient's window, Akio and Yui elected to seek respite. Akio, having been sleep-deprived for four days, and Yui, who had flown from America to Japan, required some reprieve.

Haru persevered at the hospital, his gaze steadfastly affixed to Riku. "Master Riku, I beseech you to awaken... The entirety of our concern is tethered to your recovery."

Yet, his attention abruptly shifted, detecting an intense aura and measured footsteps gradually advancing towards him.


Upon sighting this newcomer, Haru nurtured the hope that this individual might furnish insights into the events surrounding Riku's predicament.

"What is the situation, Haru?" Fuji queried, positioning himself adjacent to Haru while regarding Riku's form.

"He remains in an unconscious state... Our apprehension persists as the physicians remain unable to discern the underlying cause of his coma." Haru paused momentarily before posing a query. "Have you made any discoveries, Fuji?"

Fuji responded with an amicable nod. "Indeed... However, I remain skeptical."

Haru's forehead creased with concern. "We require insights from you, Fuji, even if they are preliminary in nature."

Appreciating Haru's perturbed disposition, Fuji advanced with composed demeanor. "Haru, I suspect that Riku is locked in a conflict with his own gene. He yearned to activate it, yet the gene itself seemed to resist. Should this impasse persist, there's a risk that his mana reservoir could be compromised, thereby forfeiting his prospects of embracing mutant capabilities akin to ours."

Haru pivoted to fully face him, his expression grave. "Fuji, I beseech you, impart to me the course of action Riku must undertake to regain consciousness."

"If Riku is genuinely committed to becoming a mutant and reclaiming his consciousness, he must engage in a struggle," Fuji disclosed, conveying the imperative of Riku's active engagement in his own predicament.

Haru acknowledged Riku's inherent determination, an attribute that would not waver in dire circumstances. Nonetheless, he couldn't discount the possibility of adverse outcomes, prompting his question.

"W-What if we lose Master Riku?" Haru's voice trembled as he voiced his apprehensions.

"He shall endure in a coma, awaiting the moment of reawakening. One certainty remains: in that eventuality, his transformation into a mutant will remain unrealized," Fuji affirmed.

As their discourse concluded, Fuji prepared to depart, having conducted his assessment of Riku's condition. "Haru, I regret that I am unable to linger. I must return to the Mutant headquarters to report on this matter. Kindly apprise me when he regains consciousness."

Haru offered a modest bow in acknowledgment, conveying his appreciation for the valuable insights imparted. "I am deeply grateful for your guidance, Fuji. Should any developments transpire, I shall promptly inform you."

"Please dispense with formalities, Haru; we remain comrades in this endeavor."

With these parting words, Fuji gradually made his exit from the room.


After a span of 7 days, Riku had remained ensconced in his bed for a cumulative period of 11 days.

Initiating his return to consciousness, a man laboriously unfurled his eyelids, the sensation of sunlight caressing his face registering upon him.

"Ugh! My head..."

His voice resonated in a groan of agony, akin to a metal implement having struck his skull with great force, and flames appearing to engulf his entire form.

As the torment gradually abated, he blinked his eyes in a state of bewilderment, grappling with the enigma of his surroundings.

"What am I doing here...?" He paused, a sense of familiarity washing over him as he readily identified his surroundings. "Why am I in the hospital?" His thought process stilled, the recollection of recent events surging to the forefront of his consciousness.

A subsequent inquiry seized his thoughts: what had been the outcome of his gene awakening? Yet, at present, no answers materialized to address this inquiry.




Though his physical state precluded robust vocalization, he exerted himself to summon his butler by name.

Promptly, a middle-aged man materialized in proximity to the transparent partition, evidently spurred into action by Riku's call. Yet, the man refrained from entering the chamber, presumably in an effort to mitigate potential risks.

"Master Riku..." Haru's demeanor appeared marked by a blend of relief and concern upon observing his charge's revival. "I'll momentarily depart to summon the medical professionals, Master Riku." With this pledge, he retraced his steps to seek assistance.

Following a brief interlude, a cohort of medical professionals, including doctors and nurses, assembled within the chamber. They appeared conspicuously bemused by the rapid vanishing of the severe burns that had previously marred the man's form.

"Riku, your vital signs are now within normal parameters, and there's no evidence of internal bleeding or organ malfunction." After a comprehensive evaluation of the pertinent data, the attending physician delivered this verdict.

Riku's exhalation conveyed a mixture of relief and impatience, his gaze shifting between Harun and the blond woman situated by his side. "Very well, doctor. Can I be discharged and return home?"

"Unfortunately, I must inform you that an additional two days of hospitalization are recommended," the doctor responded with a regretful shake of his head.

With the medical staff departing the room, the doctor extended the privilege for Haru and Yui to enter. The door's closure echoed, reinstating their privacy.

In response to the resounding sound, Yui hastened to enfold Riku in a fervent embrace, her emotions spilling over. "Riku, you frightened me! Why did it take you so long to regain consciousness?" Her voice quavered amidst her tears.

Riku's brows ascended in mild surprise, and he eventually reciprocated her embrace, a soothing gesture that was matched by Haru's presence. "I apologize, Yui; I hadn't anticipated this turn of events."

The trio held their embrace for several moments, during which Riku, addressing Haru, inquired about the outcome of his gene awakening. "Haru, did I succeed or fail in awakening my gene?"

Haru was uncertain about how to respond, as he had no clue about the potential outcome. "Honestly, Master Riku, I'm not sure how I should answer your question... We'll only find out the result once we're back at the Mansion."