19 Showing Off His Might

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Watson stood in the middle of the hall. The surrounding farmers gulped and were afraid of going forward.

The boy in front was a Silver-tier powerhouse, but the strongest guard in the entire farm was only Bronze-tier. One Silver-tier warrior was equivalent to dozens of Bronze-tier warriors. Even if they could not defeat him, he could just fly into the air and escape, since no one was able to stop him.

How did Master Miles come to provoke such a terrifying person?

Miles was a little surprised too. He had sent people to inquire about the Garry family and all he heard was that the family was a down and out baron. He had no idea they had a Silver-tier warrior, otherwise, he would not have dared to plot a scheme to get the Pentacolor Fragrant Chicken.

Deep in his heart, he was angry that his subordinates did not do a good job. However, at this moment, he was already in a risky situation and had no way out.

"Stop this kid. As long as he's trapped in the hall for a few minutes, everyone's pay be doubled, no, quintupled!"

Miles gritted his teeth, shouted, and rushed out of the hall's back door in a panic.

Things had reached boiling point and Watson would definitely not spare Miles. It was better for the latter to enter the dungeon first and use Zeke and Zenoah as hostages in exchange for his own life. If all else failed, he would just die together with Watson. Miles ruthlessness was precipitated even when death was already near.

Quintupled pay!

The farmers present were greatly motivated by that. Their initially hesitant gaze turned resolute and they were determined to be brave in order to receive such a huge reward. Miles' order was not to have them defeat Watson, but simply to stop him for a few minutes. Doing so was enough for them to earn half a year's salary, and an opportunity like that would not come again if they missed it.

"Let's attack together."

"Let's go all out."

A group of people carried tables, chairs, and benches, with others holding empty wine bottles. All of them rushed toward Watson.

Watson did not panic. Instead, he was itching to gives things a try. He spread his Phoenix Wings, turning the left wing into a red jade shield in front of him. All the tables and chairs that were hurled at him were burned into ashes by his wing's flames before even coming into contact with him.

On his right wing, hundreds of feathers turned into sharp swords. They flew out with flames and instantly penetrated through the shoulders or thighs of a group of farmers, leaving holes in them. Before the blood could flow out, the wounds were already charred by the hot temperature.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A strong wind blew in the hall. The Phoenix Wings' feathers shot out and dozens of farmers fell to the ground. They hugged the wounds on their bodies and wailed. In fact, that was the result of Watson's hesitance to kill them, otherwise they would have be dead already.

The surrounding walls, including the hard cordierite floor, were also filled with holes and green smoke.

"Protect Master!"

When the dozen or so guards standing outside the door saw this tragic scene, their eyelids twitched uncontrollably, but they still rushed forward.

The one taking the lead was a brawny man covered in a layer of sky-blue combat aura armor. It was three inches thick, and there were water-like waves flowing on the armor. It was none other than water elemental combat aura.

The brawny man held a long spear in his hand. It was covered with the same combat aura. The shaft of the spear was like a long dragon. He held it in both hands and spun it like a wheel. The resulting airtight defense repelled the feathers that were shot out from Watson's Phoenix Wings.

Water could extinguish fire. The water element naturally countered the fire element. Although Watson's Phoenix Wings were covered with the phoenix's sacred fire that not extinguish as easily as ordinary flames, Watson had not mastered combat aura and was not a real Silver-tier warrior.

At that moment, Watson could only withdraw his two phoenix wings and use it as a shield under the attack of more than ten guards led by the Bronze-tier brawny man. He retreated so far back that he was eventually cornered against the wall.

In the process of escaping, Miles looked back and saw that Watson had been forced to retreat. His flustered mood eased slightly, and he sneered, "You gave me a scare. Turns out a Silver-tier powerhouse isn't that powerful. I was worried for nothing! I reckon that this child has only just entered Silver-tier and doesn't have much combat experience."

"Allen, if you get rid of this kid, you'll get ten times your pay! If you capture him, I'll give you twenty times your pay, plus ten Pentacolor Fragrant Chicken eggs!" After leaving those words, Miles pushed open the back door in a relaxed manner and ran out.

Allen, whose name Miles called out, was the leader of the farm guards and a Bronze-tier warrior. He was very proficient with his long spear and was a one of the rare skilled individuals among Bronze-tier warriors.

"Yes, Master."

The eyes of the brawny Allen lit up. 20 times the pay was indeed tempting, but what attracted him even more was ten Pentacolor Fragrant Chicken eggs. He was 40-years-old that year, and should nothing untoward happen to him, he would stop at Bronze-tier for the rest of his life. However, things had changed. He had heard of the Pentacolor Fragrant Chicken's effects, where one egg could increase his strength by one hundred catties and ten eggs would equal to one thousand cattoes.

If he was lucky, he might be able to break through to Silver-tier after eating it. In addition, after fighting with Watson, he realized that the child did not have the strength of a Silver-tier warrior despite possessing a frighteningly strong ability. The boy was only Bronze-rank and slightly weaker than him.

"It seems that the news of Master's findings about the the Pentacolor Fragrant Chicken is true. I reckon that this young man must have eaten a lot of Pentacolor Fragrant Chicken eggs to have such strength. If I can eat the same number of eggs..."

When Allen thought of this, his heart was filled with eagerness and he tightened his grip on the long spear in his hand.

"When I have the chance, I'll have to ask Big Brother about the cultivation method of combat aura."

Watson thought to himself. The Phoenix Wings only looked like combat aura wings, but it would all be exposed if he really engaged in a fight. "As expected of a Bronze-tier strongmen. I really can't win if I don't fight with all my might. All I want to do is deal with Miles and you guys should all retreat! Hand-to-hand combat is not my forte. Don't throw your lives away for nothing."

Watson knew exactly what he lacked after experiencing that battle. He had eaten dozens of Pentacolor Fragrant Chicken eggs, and he had at least 2,000 pounds of strength. An average Bronze-tier  powerhouse was still inferior to him, but what he lacked most was battle experience.

"Oh? You're not good at hand-to-hand combat. What are you good at? Could it be running away?"

"You're just a little brat. You can't even beat our captain, yet you still dare to boast shamelessly?"

Seeing that Watson was speaking in a mature manner even though he was obviously a kid, the dozen or so guards felt that it was strange, and some of them even teased him.

In their opinion, Watson was no match for them, prompting them to make snide remarks at him.

"You'll soon know what I'm good at." Watson's expression was calm.

Silver-tier spell: Water Elemental Warrior Summoning!

Opening his arms, Watson chanted a low and tactful incantation. A moment later, he looked up at the ceiling above him. "I wonder if this house is sturdy?"


Just as he had this question, a muffled thunder sounded above his head. A crack appeared on the ceiling, then the crack expanded and the entire ceiling collapsed. Dozens of water pillars fell from the sky, turning into dozens of blue water elemental soldiers holding long spears. With a sweep of their long weapons, more than ten Iron-tier guards were sent flying and cracks appeared on their armor.

Was that...magic?

Rubbing their aching bodies, the guards raised their heads in panic. What they saw surprised them even more.

A water elemental warrior was fighting Allen. Their spears intersected, but they were not at a disadvantage. Then, another water elemental warrior stepped forward, commencing a pincer attack on Allen from the front and back. Two spears were crossed at Allen's neck, forcing him to kneel on the ground. His face turned red and the spear in his hands fell powerlessly.

There were dozens of such soldiers, guarding Watson from the front and moving forward in an orderly formation.


The heavy footsteps caused the hall to shake.

A summoned creature had strength that was superior to Allen's. What level of magic was that? Could it be...

"This is Silver-tier magic!"

Someone cried out in surprise. Fear and despair swept through everyone's hearts. Not only was the boy a Silver-tier warrior, but a Silver-tier mage too. How could anyone defend against him? Was he even human?

At this moment, everyone understood that Watson was not bluffing. He had dually-cultivated magic and martial arts, both of which were Silver-tier. Watson was clearly only a ten-year-old child, and such talent was absolutely monstrous.

Watson's thin and small body stood where he was, but the huge mountain-like pressure bore down on their hearts and made them lose their will to fight. They would not dare to make a move even if they were offered a hundred times their wages, let alone when it was only ten times the amount.

As wonderful as gold coins were, money was not as important as their lives.

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