My Fusion System: Fusing a Thousand Chickens at the Start
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My Fusion System: Fusing a Thousand Chickens at the Start

Snow Over A Thousand Hills

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What is My Fusion System: Fusing a Thousand Chickens at the Start

Read My Fusion System: Fusing a Thousand Chickens at the Start novel written by the author Snow Over A Thousand Hills on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Traversing into a Fantasy World, Watson became the youngest son of a run-down baron, ranked eight in the family. His mother was confined to her bed by sickness, his father was drinking all day, his brothers and sisters were not doing proper jobs, and even the family’s position of baron was on the verge of being stripped away. As the family’s decline loomed closer, Watson acquired the [Super Fusion System] out of the blue! At the family’s only remaining chicken farm, Watson conducted Fusion on the 1,000 sickly hens. “Ding, congratulations, you have fused a high-level demon beast [Pentacolor Fragrant Chicken]. Its eggs are so nutritious that they can extend one's life span and are considered a delicacy that only lords and kings can enjoy!” Watson made a huge profit out of this. Utilizing the system, he embarked on a journey of becoming a tycoon! “Ding, congratulations, you have fused 10,000 wheat heads into an ingredient that can permanently strengthen a person’s physique!” “Ding, congratulations, you have fused 10,000 kilograms of metal scrap into a Divine Weapon [Sword of the Flame Pursuer]!” “Ding, congratulations, you have fused 100,000 rats into a Divine-level Demon Pet [Sky-devouring Rat King]!” No gold coins? Fuse them! No potent potions? Fuse them! No super magic or powerful henchmen? Fuse them! From then on, Watson led his family to develop continuously in this world of swords and magic until it became an overlord!


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Although concept is good....😅 but progress of plot is really bad & typical cliché at every point of story... so much cliché destroys the plot... & that dumb family is so dumb that I can't take it anymore...... every single one of them including mc...... MC be like: what can I do to against him, he's father..... _ you can blackmail him _ you can leave the house _ you can become head of family _ you can combine farmers to make a super farmer & your slave there's so much he can do but no dumb mc has dumb excuses for dumb family 😂


Concept is good but has bad plot. MC has a gold fish brain. First he stated that he doesn't want to display his secrets to his family. Yet 1 chapter later, he openly use the system infront of many people. No Worldbuilding, author is just just write anything what comes to mind. Imagine how large of an area/food/water/barn is required to raise 1000 chickens? In a medieval setting? With 'poor' family background.


Here before its picked


Why can't there be one good novel in the trial read... This MC is mentally challenged. He says one thing, but does something else. For instance, he monologues about how important it is to protect the secret of the system, but the very next chapter he does his very best to showcase his system to as many people as possible. If this wasn't enough, MC's family exist merely to create trouble, and be general nuisances all the time. They all behave as if they're the result of 15 generations of inbreeding. Somehow, the MC isn't much better either. How can a novel go so wrong.


This seem like its going to be exciting story to read. I have read few fusion novels, can't wait to see how this thing turns out and how this will be different from the rest.


First off, how tf is this so popular? One thing I absolutely abhor of the recent system novels, is that what self respecting system would willingly connect to MC’s like this? This one is a pervy idiot. I don’t know if it’s supposed fo be funny talking about his father and I quote, ‘ploughing his mother all the time’, but it really isn’t. MC is supposed to be 10. First chapter in, he’s checking out his 11 year old sister. I simply cannot fathom how people can read this. It’s disappointing that trial reads have fallen to novels like this. I guess content isn’t unlimited, but it is sad we are now scaping the bottom of the barrel now.


The family and the MC sadly have to share their single brain cell, but the author tries to make it look serious. The concept is nonsensical and the future of the story is bleak, but if the author recognized that and would have actually tried to make it funny it would have been a good read. Sadly it is just mediocre.


I wonder if he can fuse 1M human or woman maybe it will become god/goddess,.................................................................


The family of MC have brain of a 6 year old toddler...Father is a good for nothing trying to make baby 24h a day...Brother and sisters there for to hold MC back...and aure MC use his SYSTEM in front of his enemies... What else I need to say 3/10😞


Please don’t read if you want to keep tour brain safe and intact. My brain got fried in 10 chapters. Why the F did this dumb dumb get 4.5 star rating 🤦🏻‍♂️ Standards falling down day by day. sigh….


I have read a lot of novels and a lot of cliches, but it's rare I run into one that so dumb it hurts my head. Even when among other CN novels with system this one is just so special in how dumb it is. Even other novels had some kind of logic to the world they build and their character. Each character in this novel is flat, but also so absurdly stupid that the normal suspension of disbelief you would need for copy and past CN novels just can't bridge the gap.


MTl is more healthy for your brain than this dogsht. every chapter i read just fills a wrinkle out on my brain slowy smoothing it out. Further transforming me into a single cell organsim called a my vampire system reader.


Dumb is the keyword for this book... Dumb is the keyword for this book... Dumb is the keyword for this book... Dumb is the keyword for this book...


Reveal spoiler


if i have to use one word to describe this novel then it will be 'dumb'. that's it.[img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap]


raw name anyone? webnovel seems to be going out of its way to change the novels name, authors name even the novel cover. it would be great if anyone can tell me the raw name of this nove thanks


Stay away. Brain dead novel with a plot worse than a cliche. I don't even know how this got 4 stars.


petition to bring back the world of deities.........................................................................................................................


Dumb mc with even dumber family, The guy has ReincarnatEd from our world, but from how dumb he is probably Was aN antivaxxer here. Shame on Webnovel


If any brother knows the raws to this novel please link them it will be greatly appreciated. .


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