1 The Dream

"Hello! At last you are awake. I have been waiting for you to wake up for a long time now."

Zhang Yong's eyes shot open when he heard the voice, almost as if it were resounding in his mind. But he didn't see anyone beside him.


A deep frown appeared on his forehead as he let his eyes wander around the room.

"Who is it?"

"I am what you may call a dream come true' hehe." The voice replied mischievously.


"Where are you?"


He looked here and there but again didn't find anyone there.

"Stop trying to find me as you won't be able to. I will find you myself. For now you just have to know that I am going to make your dreams come true."

"What dreams?"

"Some thing which you have always wanted to achieve."

Confusion was written all over his face.

Many questions were arising inside him.

"Who are you? Where are you? What dreams do you talk of? And how do you know what I want?"

"I know everything kid. Hehehe."

A giggle was heard in response to all his questions, and he felt like pulling out his hair in frustration.

"Don't be frustrated, let me answer your questions slowly. You will be transmigrated to your future self now and there you will live your life as the older version of yourself."

His eyes widened as soon as those words got registered in his mind.

'What? I would be old? But that means I simply won't be able to get what I always wanted. What will happen to my girlfriend, she would definitely not like an old man like me. How will I be able to get my revenge like this? I would seriously be useless then' Numerous thoughts raced in his mind, without realising the ridiculousness of what the voice had said.

Zhang Yong put his head down as he let those thoughts wander around his mind.

"What the heck are you saying? I won't let something like this happen."

"Do you think anyone will ever listen to you? You are simply useless and you should be thrown out of the world at this moment but here I am being generous and letting you stay here."

"AHHH! I am not useless, okay?"

Zhang Yong got more frustrated as those memories of him being abused by his peers started to run in front of his eyes.

"No! No. Not useless. Every one else is useless."

He got up from the bed and started to throw things here and there in a hassle.

"Don't break these things, as you will still get transmigrated. Now be obedient and come here yourself."

Just as those were heard by Zhang Yong, he shook his head abruptly and started to run away in the opposite direction. He ran as if every thing would end if he stopped, even for a second

"Come here!"

He heard the voice getting close to him and he ran away faster. He was running and running and running, when suddenly…..

Beep.... Beep....

"Zhang, wake up. You have to go to the office for an interview today. It's already 8. You are going to be late. "

Zhang Yong's girlfriend shook him frantically while trying to wake him up. But the more she shook, the closer he clenched the pillow.

The girl was getting frustrated, trying to wake him up as all her efforts went in vail.


His eyes immediately shot open, and looked towards the alarm on the side table. Just as he noticed the time, he jumped up from the bed yelling, "Oh no! I am going to be late."

Ignoring his girlfriend's resentful look, he ran towards the restroom.

He took his clothes on the way to the rest room which were already hanging on the closet and ran again. He took a warm shower before slipping in his clothes. While he was wearing his clothes he heard a yell from outside, "Hurry up! The breakfast is ready."

"Hmmm. Okay coming."

He took his pants which were hanging and as soon as he put his one leg inside the pants, he slipped and fell down on his butt.

"Zhang? What happened? Are you okay?"

Zhang Yong, who was already groaning with pain, groaned more before yelling, "YEAH! YEAH! I AM OKAY!"

He limped with pain and tried to get up from the floor. With a little difficulty, he finally got up from the floor.

"Ahh. Why do I have a feeling that this interview is going to get messed up again? The morning is this painful, I don't know what will happen in the day."

He heaved a big sigh before going out of the rest room. As soon as he was out he went towards the mirror, he wore his watch and put a little gel on his hair and then his eyes fell on his watch.

"Oh no! I am late."

He checked himself once more before rushing to the dining table. He hurriedly took a glass filled with orange juice and gulped it down in one go.

His girlfriend who was already done eating her breakfast, looked at him gulping that juice and rolled her eyes.

"Calm down Mister. Sit down and have your breakfast."

"No! No! I am getting late. I have to leave. Later. Byeeeeee."

She stood up from the chair. Before she reached the door to see him off, he had already left after fetching the bag.

As soon as he was out, he ran to the bus stand. He hoped he wouldn't miss the bus and luckily he didn't. There were no empty seats, so he stood inside, awaiting his destination.

'Another useless day, here I come.....

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