My Four Other Selves Book

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My Four Other Selves


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Abused by peers, no parents or family in his life, betrayed by his girlfriend, it couldn幸福't possibly get worse right? But it did. One day he got in an accident only to wake up in a hospital with a little bunny-like creature flying around him. That system avatar told him that his soul got split due to unique circumstances and now four of his selves had been thrown into four different worlds that were filled with powerful, mythical creatures and dotted with dangerous area. He would now have to travel and collect all four of his soul back otherwise his existence would vanish away…. Join Zhang Yong in his adventure in becoming strong step by step and restoring his soul completely ----------------(----------)----------------- Update Schedule: 10 chap a week. ----------------(----------)----------------- Earlier chapters edited by WuxiaFan. Do check out his books too.


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