My Female Disciples All Have Sinister Intentions

Author: Lady Qiao in Spring
Eastern Fantasy
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What is My Female Disciples All Have Sinister Intentions

Read My Female Disciples All Have Sinister Intentions novel written by the author Lady Qiao in Spring on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Eastern Fantasy stories, covering daily, overimaginative. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Fang Yang transmigrated to become the leader of a demonic cult, with his powers completely dissipated and his memory lost. All he inherited was a stack of diaries left by the previous demon lord. He discovered that the demon lord was a philanderer, with ex-lovers and admirers everywhere, each of whom harbored deep-seated hatred for him. In order to survive, he had no choice but to follow the diaries and pretend to be the demon lord, navigating relationships with numerous peerless beauties, trying to dispel their hatred. "Your Highness, the moon is exceptionally beautiful tonight, why don't we go out to enjoy it together?" The Princess of Zhen Nan: "?" "Empress, please be reserved. For the sake of the people of the world, let us part ways here." The Empress: "??" "My disciple, give up. It's impossible between us." Female disciple: "???" ... From then on, Fang Yang racked his brains and put on a full performance. He maneuvered among many women, striving to keep himself from being raped or killed by them. As the old saying goes, one woman is equivalent to five hundred crows. What about ten or twenty? Fang Yang, covering his ears that were nearly deafened by the noise, looked at the sensual and stunning beauties before him. He wanted to cry but had no tears...

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Lady Qiao in Spring



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This cover looks so interesting, like ancient Chinese style. MC doesn't seem to have much ability, but pretending to be a powerful demon king , sounds very novel. I hope it would be a great story!


i liked the concept of the story... translation is also fine... plot created by author is fresh and sufficiently developed ... but story takes u-turn around 70-80 chapters.... initial chapters promised a MC who's weak and has to raise affection and depend on his golden finger to survive while also maintaining facade of being demon lord.... But around 70-80 chapter, he starts to think and act like demon lord, becomes OP and rarely needs the system's help, situations becomes less funny and more generic/repetitive... While it is expected that he becomes OP and merge with demon lord persona, it happens way too early and seems rushed... overall, it was good but could have been better IMHO...


cant set a grad3e on it yet due to the fact that i havn't read it yet but i got an advice for the mc run as fast as yu can and hide whilst yu still can :) ah well he set it up hiself and he's the mc so he should be able to handle it right?(it'll b fun fer us but not fer him) :)(i do hope its good)


Terrible translation accross the board, it’s painful to read. Otherwise the story is a bit funny but full of clichés.


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