1 Reincarnated as a mountain god

Welcome to Golangane, The Magic Plane, a realm of wonder and enchantment. In this extraordinary world, powerful mages are the heartbeat of existence, their mastery over magic shaping the very fabric of reality.

Towering mountain ranges are not just majestic natural formations but also abodes of the revered mountain gods, who appear as ordinary humans yet hold the mantle of immortality.

The world was divided into four realms, each with a mountain god: Golangane in the north, headed by an emperor, the demon realm, the mortal realm, and the floral realm – the source of flowers in the world.

Within Golangane's boundaries, harmony is upheld by four distinct sects, each a repository of formidable magical prowess.

Ten thousand years ago, the four masters of the four great sects set out to protect the lives of the city from the hands of a possessed group of people.

These people were called the Enthralled Shadows. Once possessed, nothing else gets heard by them except the last command of the possessor.

 None of the monsters' lives were spared, even if any of them were still normal.

"They... they just wiped out a thousand families! So what if they were possessed? There should have been a better solution than extermination!" questioned a concerned observer.

But the emperor gave the order not to spare the villagers, and the leader of the Heka group asked him to give them a second chance, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, a child was among the possessed villagers, though still normal. A child with a rare sign that overwhelmed the leader of the Heka group, who had attempted to save him.

"This can't be a mere sign. The child is sent for a great course," said Lysander, the sect leader of Heka, when he saw that sign.

However, the second sect leader, a man with an insatiable desire to gain the emperor's trust by any means, snapped and ordered the elimination of the child — an order that was quickly obeyed.

"To eliminate a little kid to gain favor in the emperor's heart? What kind of man does such a thing?" someone muttered in disbelief.


As the morning unfolds, a tranquil scene emerges – the moon delicately overlaying the horizon, the soft symphony of birds greeting the dawn, and a sky gently painted with the hues of a dimly lit transition from night to day.

The cloudy sky suddenly morphed into a cloudless one, thunder struck in the distance. Rain fell upon the earth, and simultaneously, a meteorite fell.

The people of Golangane were agape, sighting the meteorite fall through the sky.

"Isn't.... isn't that the resurrection of a mountain god?" asked the Bandu sect leader, who was gray-haired and dressed in silk.

The Songwan sect leader, who was standing side by side with him, wrapped his hands behind him and sighed. "The magical barrier shielding this realm should have blocked the meteorite if it wasn't the soul of the next mountain god. I think the heavens are on our side."

At the Heka sect, a male disciple ran into the leader's room, Lysander. He informed his master about the falling meteorite.

Lysander was in a cross-legged position with his eyes closed. His eyes shot open wide in astonishment on hearing that and hastily rose from the meditation cushion.

He then grabbed a long jacket from the arm of a chair and headed towards the door.

"I must see his majesty. Lock the door when you step outside."

"Yes, master," the disciple bowed, holding his sword tight to his abdomen.

The meteorite crashed in a dark cave in the mountains, creating an explosion. A thick haze of smoke filled the entrance and lifted when a young man stepped outside. His face was covered in dirt, and he had roughened hair. He was wearing black pants only.

As the frail-looking young man emerged into the light, a sinuous creature, its obsidian scales catching the radiant light of the silvery moon, unfurled wings, revealing eyes ablaze with an otherworldly intelligence, followed him closely.

"Rowan," the man thought, his countenance a mix of emotions. "Once I was afraid of darkness; now I dance with its mysteries."

"You have been endowed with powers and have new skills when reborn from the land of the dead. It's time to decide what you will do in this new world."

The young man glanced at his hand, searching for clues about his powers. A flash of knowledge entered his mind, as if everything had been stored within him, waiting to be unleashed when needed.

The man's head swam as a voice emanated in his head, which he knew wasn't the dragon's voice.

 It said, 'Your initial skill is Devilmite Beam.'

The young man's curious frown deepened, forming a subtle crease along the bridge of his nose. "And? How can I use it?" he said aloud, but nothing came up. He shrugged nonchalantly, heading back into the cave.

(The imperial palace)

The palace interior was adorned with glowing silver. Palace guards stood vigilantly at every inch and corner, holding spears.

The emperor was seated on a silvery throne, about five meters from the circular platform where Lysander and the Gnostic sect leader, Thorian, stood.

"A great sign appeared in the sky today. Master Lysander, do you have any clue?" the emperor asked.

Lysander bowed, with his hands placed together near his abdomen. "My apologies, your majesty. I have nothing to say."

"What's so significant about a reincarnated mountain god? He's just a guardian watching over the mountain on your majesty's behalf!" Thorian unjustly remarked.

Lysander was surprised, then shifted his gaze at Thorian. "The plants in Golangane had wilted when the mountain god died months ago, and now, we should be happy the heavens assigned another one. So, how can you say that, Immortal Thorian?"

Thorian continued, ignoring Lysander. "Put your mind at rest, your majesty. I will train the Gnostic sect students to protect the royal family."

"Very well, both of you may leave now," said the emperor, and the sect leaders bowed.

"Yes, as your majesty pleases."

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