My Dragon and My Demon System: The Reincarnated God Book

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My Dragon and My Demon System: The Reincarnated God


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"Once afraid of the dark, now I dance with its mysteries." ------------ In a realm where vengeance meets.destiny,Arion emerges from the Land of the dead, a soul reborn from tragedy(died as a child and reborn as a young man). His family was slaughtered, being victim of demonic possession, while he, untouched by darkness, was also condemned. As a formidable mountain god, his sole purpose is revenge upon Golangane's four sect leaders who executed merciless orders. Yet, an encounter with Heka, the leader of one of these sects, unexpectedly entwines their fates. Arion's relentless pursuit of justice becomes complicated when he bonds with Liora, Heka's enchanting daughter. Love collides with vengeance, challenging Arion's quest. Will he avenge his family or succumb to the allure of romance? Unearthing secrets, his relentless pursuit uncovers a path to reshape destiny. Will he find solace in revenge or let love redefine his rebirth's purpose? Discover the captivating world of Arion's choices in this gripping tale of revenge, romance and destiny. Volume 001 — Becoming the strongest mage. Status — Completed. Volume 002 — Demon System Activated. Status — Ongoing...... ------- This is my WSA entry. Please give me full support. Power stones are deeply appreciated, as well as Golden tickets! 2 golden tickets= mass release of 2 chapters. 10 golden tickets= 6 chapters in the following two days Top 100 golden ranking= 4 chapters in the following four days. Any gift results in additional 1 chapter on the day it's sent. ------+ I hope you enjoy the novel @kutley


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