4 Become my master

Lysander received treatment in his room while his daughter leaned against the entrance door, lost in thought. He called out to her, but it took a while before she responded, as she seemed deep in her own contemplation. Eventually, he asked about the man who had thwarted the monster attack.

Only then did she realize she had kept him waiting for quite some time. She hurriedly dashed out of the room.

"He's so great! I wish he was one of us."

Liora encountered some disciples who were discussing someone, presumably the seal thief. They informed her that he had left not long ago, prompting her to rush out of the sect in search of him.

Lysander, in the meantime, pondered, "I could feel his scent; he's someone from the mountains."

Surprisingly, as he probed Arion's mind when he left the sect, he found nothing but thoughts of mountains. This raised questions about Arion's identity and how he could possess the Devilmite skill. Everyone believed only high mages could cultivate that skill, leaving Lysander perplexed.

"Seal thief!!! Where are you?" Liora shouted, even though that wasn't his actual name. Suddenly, she caught sight of him and giggled as she crossed his path. However, the icy glare he gave her sent shivers down her spine. She couldn't understand what was so frightening about his eyes, especially since she had faced menacing monsters before.

"Why did you leave when I told you to stay?" she questioned him. His blood boiled with a desire for revenge, but his restraint prevailed.

"What's your name?" Liora asked again, but he made it clear he wasn't interested in conversation, attempting to leave. She blocked his way.

"Why are you acting mean? You should actually be grateful I am letting you live after stealing from me," she continued to question him. "Anyways, I forgive you, since you saved us today."

However, his disinterest remained. He found the words "mean," "forgive," and "saved" to be like foreign spells. He decided it was time to leave.

"No, you can't leave. I have a request to make. Join us. My father will help you upgrade your skills. Stay at our sect." She attempted to convince him further, but he managed to move her aside and walked out of her sight.

"Weren't you planning on doing something by stealing my seal?" Her voice finally made him stop. "Here is your chance; you will be able to walk freely in Heka sect when you become a disciple, without needing a seal. Then you'd fulfill your plan."

The idea of fulfilling his plan, perhaps even taking revenge on her father, crossed his mind, but it didn't quicken his heartbeat.

He wondered about the people entering the sect. Who were they?

A maid informed Lysander that the crown prince was at the sect, surprising him with an unexpected visit.

"Your royal Highness!" He bowed.

Crown Prince Valerian possessed powers akin to the seasons, capable of controlling water and fire. Liora rushed back into the sect, followed by Arion.

"Do not act formally in front of me; you were my teacher," Valerian said.

"Still, I must show respect since you're of royal blood," Lysander replied, raising his head. "What brings you here today?"

Valerian motioned to a royal palace emissary, a man in his ten thousands, who delivered the news that Lysander was relieved of his position as the Elandar Stormwarden.

Lysander accepted the decision, understanding the realm's safety came first. However, the Heka sect felt upset about this change. Elion, the sect leader's right-hand man, spoke up in protest.

"Who else can be more competent than our sect leader?!!" Just then, someone else claimed to be the competent one - Thorian, who stepped out from behind the crown prince.

"Jay Thorian, that man!" Elion groaned. Lysander manifested a magical seal, the Elander's Sigil, from his palm and handed it to Thorian, despite the tension.

As Arion observed the scene, he felt a growing rage towards Thorian, his second enemy. He also couldn't shake the feeling of familiarity with this place, prompting him to stay in search of answers.

"Now that I have given up all you demanded, I think it's time you left," Lysander said. "We still have matters to attend to, and your presence is a distraction. I wish you a safe return, your Highness."

Thorian passed by Arion, unaware of his identity, causing Arion's rage to surge.

Questions roamed Arion's mind. He was curious why the place had some familiarity to him, and most importantly, why his family was killed?

The answer must be found by himself without Rowan's and his sophisticated brain's help.


"Become my master!" Arion's plea echoed through the air, leaving everyone stunned. He desperately gazed at Lysander's back.

Arion wanted Lysander to be his master. "I am ready to learn from you, master," he added, desperately.

Liora was delighted that Arion had given her demand a second thought.

"No way," Lysander said abruptly, surprising everyone.

Lysander had never rejected anyone who wanted to learn in the sect, let alone someone as promising as Arion. "I accept people, not subs," he clarified.

This term puzzled those around.

"Father, you've never reacted like this," Liora said emotionally. "You always accept those willing to learn in the sect. Why now?"

"I said no! That's final!" Lysander turned his back and headed for the door.

"I admire you!" These words appeared in his mind, strengthening his resolve to stay. "I admire your resilience and your compassion even when others wrong you. So I want to learn from you."

"Alright! You have been accepted!" Lysander relented, and cheers erupted. "But not as a cultivator. You will start by working in the stableyard."

This suggestion, involving working with horses, left Liora astonished.

"No matter where, I accept wholeheartedly!" Arion declared.

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