26 Dark Moon, Stealing the Skies

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Jiang Changsheng was not surprised by Jiang Ming's fight with the fake prince. Jiang Ming's attitude of wanting to rope in experts was clearly that of an ambitious person.

Even though he had received many gifts from Jiang Ming, Jiang Changsheng did not intend to take action. Ever since he was assassinated, Jiang Ming did not look for him again. Perhaps he had received Jiang Yuan's warning.

When Hua Jianxin heard Chen Li's words, she could not help but tease, "The Chen family is still not taking sides in the fight between the princes?"

Chen Li said helplessly, "Are they still loyal officials if they take sides? However, the Chen Family might indeed take sides."

Hua Jianxin curiously asked, "Who will you support?"

Chen Li trusted both of them. One was a chivalrous person who stood up for him, and the other was a Daoist priest he had watched grow up in seclusion. He did not hide anything and said, "Seventh Prince."

As expected!

Jiang Changsheng had guessed this when he saw that the Seventh Prince possessed the aura of a true dragon.

He even suspected that Jiang Yuan and the Seventh Prince had learned the true dragon's aura from the Mahayana Dragon Tower. The word 'dragon' was enough to make his imagination run wild.

"The Seventh Prince is deeply doted on by His Majesty, and the Crown Prince has never moved to the East Palace. This is enough to see His Majesty's heart. I really don't understand what His Majesty is thinking. Since ancient times, abolishing the elder and erecting the young is the beginning of a rebellion."

Chen Li sighed and said with a worried expression.

Jiang Changsheng did not comfort him and Hua Jianxin casually responded.

An hour later, Chen Li bid farewell and left.

Hua Jianxin curiously asked, "What are you waiting for? Do you not want a son? Or are you waiting for someone to become the crown prince?"

Jiang Changsheng said, "That's right, I'm waiting."

Hua Jianxin asked, "Why not choose Jiang Yu? You can support him."

Jiang Changsheng glanced at him and said, "Even though we are related by blood, our different environments do not allow us to be close enough. If I support him, there will be too much trouble. Fighting for the throne is only my small goal. My real goal is to cultivate and live forever."

Hua Jianxin did not quite understand. In her opinion, longevity was nonsense.

How could there be an immortal in this world?

"If you are afraid of trouble, won't it be troublesome for you to fight for the throne in the future when your son is born?" Hua Jianxin followed up with a question with a worried tone.

"In another twenty years, if I were to let him ascend the throne, no one would be able to stop me, and there would be no need for so much trouble."

Jiang Changsheng looked at the sapling beside him. After a year of growth, the Earth Spirit Tree was already 30 centimeters tall and had yet to emit any spiritual energy.

Time passed peacefully. In the long years, probably only the Earth Spirit Tree and White Dragon could accompany him.

As for Hua Jianxin, Meng Qiushuang, and the other disciples of the Daoist temple, after a hundred years, all of them would return to dirt.

For the time being, Jiang Changsheng had no intention of imparting his cultivation method to others. He did not owe anyone around him anything, so there was no need for him to give anyone his all. In this life, he only lived for himself.

Furthermore, once he imparted the cultivation method, if it were to spread out one day, his advantage would be lost.

When he was invincible and became an immortal god, perhaps he could consider leaving behind some legacies.

Furthermore, even if he were to impart the method of cultivation to the person he cared about, the other party did not have the survival rewards and they were facing the world of martial arts. How could they become immortal and live forever? At that time, when they transcended the tribulation, the rules of heaven and earth would reject them and they would be struck by lightning. By then, they would no longer have a chance to reincarnate and that would be even worse.

Jiang Changsheng's words moved Hua Jianxin. This was the first time she had heard Jiang Changsheng say such domineering words.

That's right.

He was already so powerful that he was practically invincible. How strong would he be in another twenty years?

Hua Jianxin did not dare to imagine it, but her heart was filled with anticipation.

If her son were to become the emperor, wouldn't that be the most glorious thing for a mother in the world?

This life was enough!

Time passed. Spring passed and autumn came. Five years passed quickly.

The fight between the Crown Prince and the Second Prince was known throughout the world. Outside the capital, the followers of both factions were often assassinated, causing the situation in the capital to become more and more chaotic. The Emperor had never interfered, and he was currently in a terrible fix. The Great Jing army had marched straight into Ancient Han, and they were exhausted. Then, Ancient Han found an opportunity to counterattack. After several years of constant losing, the front line was about to return to the border of the Great Jing.

This year was the twenty-eighth year after the founding of the dynasty, and there were many geniuses in the martial arts world. The new and the old alternated, and there were as many talents as there were clouds in the literary world.

"The Seventh Prince's power is getting stronger and stronger. His Majesty actually handed over the White-robed Guards to him. It seems like he is restricting the Crown Prince and the Second Prince, but I think he is actually helping the Seventh Prince strengthen himself. There are too many experts by his side. All of the Thirteen Assassins of the Sky Mansion have the ability to assassinate top experts. I wonder where the Seventh Prince recruited them."

Chen Li lamented. He did not have much resistance towards the Seventh Prince because the Chen Family had already surrendered to him.

Jiang Changsheng asked curiously, "Recently, there have been many experts in the capital. Are we going to start a huge war?"

Chen Li frowned and sighed. "That's right. The Crown Prince and the Second Prince are frantically roping in experts. When His Majesty personally leads the army to war, I'm afraid there will be a fierce battle. One of the two princes will definitely die."

Personally lead an army?

Haha, this was giving the Seventh Prince a chance. If there was the help of the Mayahana Dragon Tower, how could the Crown Prince and the Second Prince compare to the Seventh Prince?

Jiang Changsheng mocked in his heart. Jiang Yuan's favoritism was really good. He said that even a vicious tiger would not eat its cubs, but he would tolerate a son he doted on to eliminate obstacles.

Chen Li curiously asked, "Where's Hua Jianxin? Why don't I see her?"

Jiang Changsheng said, "She went to stroll around the city."

Chen Li did not think much about it. He knew that the Emperor was willing to promote Hua Jianxin. At present, Hua Jianxin was only practicing martial arts here, not hiding.

This time, Chen Li had brought some precious medicinal herbs with him. As usual, he would bring gifts every time he came. Jiang Changsheng would not reject anyone. In any case, he would protect Chen Li's life in the future.

After Chen Li left, Hua Jianxin walked out of the house. At this moment, Hua Jianxin was already pregnant.

She came to Jiang Changsheng and said, "The day of delivery is approaching. I'd better go down the mountain to give birth so that the child's cries will not alarm the Daoist temple and cause a flaw in the plan."

Jiang Changsheng nodded and said, "Yes, you should go out late at night."

Hua Jianxin was already a Reaching Heaven realm expert, so she was more than enough to protect herself.

Hua Jianxin asked, "Is the Seventh Prince's consort also about to give birth?"

Jiang Changsheng said, "I went to take a look last night. I reckon it will be a few days later than our child. It's not a big problem."

He was an Immortal Cultivator with an outstanding physique. As long as he wanted to have a child, he could. The Seventh Prince was skilled in martial arts, and so was he. Therefore, he waited for the day when the Seventh Prince consummated his marriage before he took action.

A prince marrying a wife was a big deal. Jiang Changsheng did not have to keep an eye on the Seventh Prince.

Unfortunately, the Seventh Prince already had an eldest son. The eldest son was an illegitimate child, and his mother was only integrated into the Seventh Prince's estate after she became pregnant, causing Jiang Changsheng to miss this opportunity.

After a prince got married, he would move away from the palace. Coincidentally, the Seventh Prince's estate was very close to Longqi Mountain.

Hua Jianxin stroked his stomach, her face full of gentleness and expectation.

Jiang Changsheng looked at her silently. Even though he was not tempted by Hua Jianxin, he was a person with long life. Moreover, he had already spent a period of his life with Hua Jianxin, at least for her, it was already satisfactory.

This matter was consensual. Ever since she got pregnant, Hua Jianxin had clearly become more cheerful and her life seemed to have found meaning.

That night, Hua Jianxin quietly went down the mountain alone.

Jiang Changsheng stood at the entrance of Longqi Temple and silently looked at her.

He began to check his incense points.

[Current incense points: 381]


He wondered how much of the heavenly might this bit of incense value could offset for his next breakthrough.

Jiang Changsheng was getting closer and closer to the sixth level of the Dao Technique. For the past five years, he had devoted himself to cultivation and consumed Spirit Increasing Pills every month, so his cultivation had improved quite quickly.

The fifth level of the Dao Technique was already comparable to the True God Realm. One could imagine how powerful was the sixth level would be?

Jiang Changsheng was not sure, but he was looking forward to it. He had yet to encounter a True God. In the current capital, the Heaven Arrival realm was still the peak.

He silently watched as Hua Jianxin entered an inn before turning around.

Hua Jianxin was a low-key person, and she was also a Heaven Arrival realm expert. Naturally, she would not be in danger. When the day of delivery arrived, he would secretly protect her.

In the imperial garden.

Jiang Yuan and the Seventh Prince were drinking tea in the pavilion. The current Seventh Prince was no longer a teenager. He looked like the young Jiang Yuan, with his domineering aura.

"Yu'er, are there anyone who can match Zong Tianwu in the Dragon Tower?" Jiang Yuan asked casually.

The Seventh Prince, Jiang Yu, answered, "Yes, there are already Grandmasters coming. They will arrive in the capital in two months at the latest."

Jiang Yuan nodded with satisfaction.

Jiang Yu asked, "Father, you were the one who roped in Zong Tianwu. Since he not listen to you, why keep him alive?"

Jiang Yuan said, "Martial artists have their own principles. Who asked Yu'er to beat you to it and obtain his approval? In the future, you can just expel Zong Tianwu. Even though he is arrogant, he does have a chivalrous heart that can protect your fourth brother for the rest of his life."

Jiang Yu nodded.

Jiang Yuan put down his teacup and said meaningfully, "Yu'er, I have paved the way for you. Other than the Crown Prince and the Second Prince, you have to spare your brothers' lives. Otherwise, how can our Jiang Family establish itself in history?"

Jiang Yu smiled and said, "Father, don't worry. I will never harm my brothers."

"Oh right, go to Longqi Temple when you are free and be on good terms with Daoist Master Changsheng. Isn't your princess consort about to give birth to a child? In the future, let him acknowledge Daoist Master Changsheng as his teacher. Daoist Master Changsheng is definitely not an ordinary person. Furthermore, he is indifferent to fame and fortune. Such an expert can let my grandson learn a lot."

Jiang Yuan changed the topic and said.

Jiang Yu lamented, "Daoist Master Changsheng is indeed amazing. However, I have offended him before. When your grandson is born, why don't you bring him there yourself? After Daoist Master Changsheng agrees, I will visit him in the future to repair our relationship."

Jiang Yuan stroked his beard and smiled as he nodded.

He felt that his arrangement was perfect. Other than the fake son that had to be eliminated, he could protect all his children and consolidate the Jiang Family's future imperial power.

Ten days later, Hua Jianxin successfully gave birth to a child in a small courtyard in the capital under Jiang Changsheng's secret protection. After she was pregnant for several months, Jiang Changsheng saw that it was his son, so he did not have to wait any longer. He asked the mother and son to stay in the courtyard for the time being.

Another five days passed, and the moon was dark and windy.

In the Seventh Prince's estate, the princess consort had given birth to a son. The Seventh Prince was not present tonight, but he had sent two Heaven Arrival realm experts to guard them.

Jiang Changsheng held his swaddling son with one hand and stepped on the Taihang Sword. He stood above the clouds and looked down at the courtyard.

The 15-day-old baby did not cry or make a fuss. He was sleeping with his two small fists clenched. There were two thin marks on his forehead. They were the Dao patterns that Jiang Changsheng had mastered when he broke through to the fifth level of the Dao Technique. If they did not stand together, it would be hard to connect them together. The two thin lines on the baby's face were more like a birthmark or a closed third eye.

"To be able to send two Heaven Arrival realm experts, they should be from the Mahayana Dragon Tower. No wonder they can control the succession of the imperial power. The Mahayana Dragon Tower is indeed powerful. Fortunately, I did not act rashly."

Jiang Changsheng thought to himself. Naturally, he did not care about the two of them.

His Phantom God Eye was already very powerful, so it was not difficult to tamper with their memories.

Jiang Changsheng's senses were extremely powerful. His divine consciousness could penetrate the eaves and pry into the situation in the house. He would take action the moment the child was born.

My beloved father.

Can you see through this trick?

I learned it from you!

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