My Descendant Begged Me To Help Him Just After I Became A God

Jiang Changsheng was reincarnated as the crown prince of the Jing Kingdom. However, he was switched at birth and was sent to grow up in a temple. He was raised as a Taoist. The change in his fate was devastating. Fortunately, he was able to awaken the Survival System and gained the power to not die from aging. Every time he survived a dangerous event, he could receive rewards. His senior brother almost killed him by accident. He was lucky enough to survive that and was rewarded with the Divine Shadow Kick. He almost got crushed when the ceiling fell on top of him during an earthquake. He was able to obtain the Nine Seeking Divine Dragon Step. After surviving the demon invasion, he was rewarded with the magic treasure, Demon Subduing Mace. This was a world where kingdoms stood tall, demons rampaged in the wild, martial arts ruled the street, and where Gods did not exist. 300 years had passed. The Jing Kingdom was starting to fall. The dukes came together and made the emperor their puppet. The kingdom was divided. After decades of internal conflicts, the kingdom was on the verge of being invaded. The citizens were pretty much living in hell. The puppet king, Jiang Xuanzhen, arrived at the temple and begged, “Ancestor, I apologize for being weak! Please! Help us regain our glory!”

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The sun was setting, gradually approaching the sea level.

After swinging his ax countless times, Xingtian was finally tired. Even though the humans in the Earth Immortal Realm were stronger than the other worlds, he had yet to cultivate and still had a mortal body.

He sat cross-legged on the beach, panting as he looked at the end of the sea. No one knew what he was thinking.

After a long time.

When night fell, Xingtian stood up and was about to return. All of a sudden, he saw a shooting star streaking across the night sky and disappearing at the end of the sea. Stunned, he jumped into the sea and disappeared into the darkness.

The moon set and the sun rose.

Gradually, the sun rose to the sky.

Xingtian gradually regained consciousness, and he could vaguely hear the discussion of two women.

"This person is crazy. He actually dared to swim in the sea and chase us."