1 [ Chapter 01 ]

Everyone is silent and the only thing that can be heard is a growl

A growl of the king of darkness, Hades

There's everyone present in the court angels, gods, demons, and Hades's companion beasts.

Everyone is worried about nothing but one thing that will gonna change everything, every role in the supernatural world, everyone's view about immortals, and their roles

Hades sits on his Thorn all frustrated by hearing the prophecy, told by one of the best Precognater, — bingwen Wo, an old man with 6.2 height, who looks in his 80s with brown wrinkled skin

although he is not in his 80s, he is older than that. Maybe 1 year old.

Supernaturals are immortal, they can't be dead. that's why they stop growing after a specific age, or their ages just slowed down.

" I don't believe in it, it can't be true" ~hades

" I, the God of prophecy confirm this, " Apollo interrupts, he is also present in the court to confirm bingwen's words about the future.

"Doesn't it have any solution? " Asked Hades to bingwen.

"My Lord! It's a prophecy and it has to be done no matter what " ~ Precognater

"But your prophecy can change all the roles of immortals " Eirene, the goddess of peace argued.

"She is right demons are not made for protection" Soteria, the God of protection said in an Irritating tone stating the fact.

"But it's not my own words, my goddess, it has already been written. It's a HEAVEN decision " Bingwen explains the reason.

All gods and demons are worried about that prophecy they don't want  anything to be changed

"But my daughter is too little to be a protector, she doesn't even know the human language they speak differently. I don't want to lose her, not at any cost " Hades said in his stern voice, he acts tough, although he is tough, he is known as a God of darkness

but somehow a little bit of worry is there for his daughter.

"She has to learn all this but on her own, it's her fate to meet him. No one can change their fates " ~ Bingwen

"But what if they end up sadly? I mean what if one of them will die? What if shia dies protecting that human? " Apollo, god of the prophecy said still in deep thoughts. he may know all the truth but not until heaven allows him.

Hearing Apollo's words, a shiver ran to throw Bingwen's spine little did they all know

Bingwen narrates only half of the prophecy and the other half is still inside him he won't want to tell the other half to anyone

Because Hades will never let it happen, who in the world wants their child to be hurt? Even the person is beast

"I narrate everything that's gonna happen there is nothing more I can know also Apollo confirmed it" He lied to all but sweat on his forehead is noticeable to Hermes, the God of eloquence, or we say God of cleverness

Of course, he is called a God of cleverness for good. All the moves that bingwen makes are visible to no one but Hermes... He now feels curious about why that bingwen is behaving like this

" how many times should I tell you, I am a God, you should respect me " Apollo looks at him sternly. bingwen shrugged off. " you lost that game ages ago Apollo " this statement makes Apollo more irritated.

Everyone is looking at them with weird faces like it is not the time to quarrel about the stupid game. they both stop feeling everyone's eyes on them.

♪♪•• YEARS LATER ••♪♪

years passed but nothing happened Hades thinks that maybe that prophecy is false. But little did he know prophecies never were wrong.

It's the rule of immortals that they didn't grow up fast after the age of 17-20 because the immortals' ages stop and they grew up slowly

Same for shia, she didn't grow a bit after her 19 she is still the same

Same features, same skin, same color, same freshness. No one can believe that she is a daughter of Hades, the great king of darkness who ruled over darkness for more than 10B years

But she didn't get any features from her parents why? Maybe because of prophecy she was born differently although she has that same demon wings and style.

"Shia... BRING YOUR AS* HERE YOU LITTLE BEAST"   A thin pinch cooed in the hallway A dark-suited woman walks through the hallway looking for her naughty daughter to be exact

But there is no sign of Shia, the lady releasing a heavy sigh standing her hands in defeat  losing all hope for looking for her

'Who can say that you're my daughter? Shia' she thought, making her way to Shia's father in a court Hall

** in a forest near a stream **

And here she is, A beautiful girl in her 20s, red-eyed with massive black feathered wings, sitting at the edge of the stream enjoying her only company,

"Shia..." A voice cooed, Shia looked behind just to find her one and only friend Carpus, Son of flowers Goddess, also soon to be God of fruits.

Shia hmm-ed hearing her friend's voice, bringing back her attention to a running creek in front of her, the running water in the stream is more attractive to her than her friend's talk.

"Don't you get bored? Looking at that creek every time you come here?" carpus said in an amazed tone

"Why would I? It's so attractive it's beautiful how I wish I would live here but no" Shia sigh looking down in sadness

Shia gets attracted by these things because it is so different from her place. Her place is so dark, so cold, so horrific but that's what a kingdom of darkness looks like right?

"Yeah yeah I listen to these lines 100 times Shia," campus said, sitting beside his friend

Shia and Carpus is friends for so many years now although they belong to a different place, a different kingdom. They both have different appearances but it doesn't affect their friendship

They understand each other, after Shia's 16th birthday her dad forbids her from going out so she won't have any choice other than run away when she wants to meet her friend.

Shia comes here whenever she ran out of her kingdom they roamed around, played, and did so many things together

"What is it like  to roam around in a mortal world?"  Shia chirped out of nowhere

Carpus's eyes widened, listening to his friend's words " No way are you crazy? You know that we immortals are forbidden to go into their world until we have a mission to do

Don't you ever think about that again? Did you get it? "  Carpus warned his friend not wanting his friend to break the rules made for immortals

'But what does it look like? What is a mortal look like? Are they like us, having wings, having the capacity to teleport from one place to another?'

she thought.  That curiosity began to grow up when she was 15 she feels like maybe she has some connections to the mortal world


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